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  • jenniferklochdavis By  jenniferklochdavis    


    These are the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Family Favorite!

    What is not to love about Flipz Milk Chocolate Pretzels? They are sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy. Yum! Everyone in my house loves them. Why did they bother with the ziptop bag, though? There are never leftovers!

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  • Jeanamarie By  Jeanamarie    

    I love pretzels but they get too dry tasting after eating so many of them. But when you put chocolate on them....that completely changes things. I also crush them up and put them in different things like ice cream.

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  • mt2xe143 By  mt2xe143    

    Fliptz RULE!!

    I love Fliptz chocolate covered pretzels! The dark chocolate is probably my favorite then white chocolate, then the milk chocolate! They're yummy and I always live a texture blend and also the salty sweet ;) Go get some Fliptz! Recommended *****/*****

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  • Sixela By  Sixela    

    FlipZ Addict!

    Salty-Sweet and savory. Even available in White Chocolate! Great travel snack to Party snack! Ever tried as a decal for cake!? Makes mouths water just picturing it!

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  • jenrenh By  jenrenh    

    Tastes so good!

    These are the perfect sweet and salty combo! I don't even care for plain pretzels, but I love these!

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels are a good combination of salty and sweet. This isn't something I eat all the time but when a craving hits, this is a good snack.

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  • pontiacrnd By  pontiacrnd    

    Quick snack

    These are wonderful for a quick snack. It satisfies a sweet and/or salty craving at the same time.

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  • Wildflower531 By  Wildflower531    

    A great combo. You can never go wrong with a chocolate covered pretzel

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  • emimorgan By  emimorgan    

    Salty & sweet

    These started out as my go-to road trip snack that I always bought at a gas station. I could eat these all day, and so could my kids. I love having them in the house. Salty & sweet is the best combo!

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