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  • SteffHart By  SteffHart    

    Dr.' s orders

    My son doesn't eat red meat and this is one of the few vitamins for children that comes with iron. He loves them.

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  • AdriannaSmith By  AdriannaSmith    

    Not a huge fan of the taste. They also contain red dye #40. I do not see the need in adding chemicals to a product that is supposed to promote health, and giving said chemicals to my children. I prefer a more natural approach.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    I took these as a vitamin when I was little and now my kids do. We love these. They don't taste that bad and the different colors and characters are fun for kids. I think they sometimes forget it's a vitamin and not just a daily treat.

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  • crissyls By  crissyls    

    Out of tradition i also buy these for my children and take them also.

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  • Mommyofthree By  Mommyofthree    

    I took these as a kid an my kids take them now. I am surprised they have not changed like most products but they have stayed the same.

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  • sassygirl13 By  sassygirl13    

    i used to love these when i was a kid. kinda addictive which is something i dont think multivitamins should be

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  • chikita2709 By  chikita2709    

    my daughter really likes this vitamins, the flistones shapes, the flavors, everything

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  • Ampriest By  Ampriest    

    I have always loved flinstone vitamins and my son does too.

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  • gigi76 By  gigi76    

    They can cause cavities.

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  • bentz1234 By  bentz1234    

    My kiss love these and take these everyday. I even use these instead of prenatals.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I still take one a day & I'm 32!

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  • LThatcher By  LThatcher    

    I LOVE these! My mom always gave them to us as children and we would sneak them when she wasn't looking to get more. Now my daughter is eating them and she asks for them! She's 1!

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  • londonlane By  londonlane    

    Fun shapes, great flavors & cool colors! I took these as a kid and no my kids enjoy taking this classic vitamin!

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  • sandra3 By  sandra3    

    my mom gave them to me when i was a child so i gave them to my kids. love them

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  • WEMAKE7 By  WEMAKE7    

    I bought these thinking my kids would like them but unfortunately they didn't like the taste of them so definitely had to go with the gummy ones.

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