Five Ways to Snag Designer Fashions for Less

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Five Ways to Snag Designer Fashions for Less

In preparation for Zac Posen’s Target collection, we’ve put together a list of tips that can help you be the first gal on the block with the latest affordable designer pieces from Target, H&M, and elsewhere. Read on to discover how to find a deal.

1. Google at Midnight: Google the product you want (e.g. Zac Posen for Target prom dress) at midnight on the Sunday the collab releases, a link should direct you to Target’s site: You won’t be able to find the goods through Target directly, but Google might give you a link to the retailer’s site before it’s officially available.

2. Look for Lazy Store Managers: Careless employees unaware of launch dates often put designer’s lines on shelves early. We spotted H&M’s garden collection in stores a day early.

"Careless employees unaware of launch dates often put designer's lines on shelves early."

3. Travel to a Big City: If you’re desperate for a glimpse of the collection before you buy, Target often plans pop-up shops for designer collabs in big cities like New York and Los Angeles - and they happen a week or so before the products are available elsewhere, so you’ll be two steps ahead of everyone else.

4. Use text and Twitter: Last year, Jimmy Choo for H&M allowed select customers who texted HMUSA to shop the collection before the public. Follow your favorite brands and retailers on Twitter to see if they’ll do something similar.

Find more deals in our sample sales calendar - right now, we’re searching for perfect summer dresses and comfy maxi dresses.

What are you shopping for this season?

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  • hstacy3 By hstacy3

    Very awesome tips I will be using them!! But not what I expected from the title!

  • gummybears101 By gummybears101

    this article is a little misleading it more talks about how to get the designer collaboration outfits not Designer outfits like right off the runway

  • toygirl7 By toygirl7

    i belive the same, no helpfull hints

  • ktbird80 By ktbird80

    Good tips, but definitely misleading with the title. Unless the shear fact that it is through Target is to lead us to saving money.

  • supermommy828 By supermommy828

    perfect tips! thanks

  • tori20 By tori20

    I just love the fact that you are able to get Designer fashions prior to launch!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    The perfect spring suit for work and speaking engagement. And a pair of sandals.

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    agree with jlindseyc

  • jlindseyc By jlindseyc

    this article title is a little's not really about how to get things for less but rather how to get designer fashions ahead of launch dates...

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