Fisher Price The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

Fisher Price The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

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My son received this toy as a birthday present. He absolutely loves it. would recommend this toy for everyone.

It's a good toy for children, only thing is its very hard and a bit creepy when it lays out at night, and the point that it never really shuts off, and if you accidentally press it, it will talk around a sleeping child and sometimes wake them up, but besides that every child I've watched loves it.

Cute but unfortunately got annoying really quick!

These were really cute at first but got annoying quick. My kids didn't find them to be fun after awhile. Once in awhile they would pick them up and play with them but not as an everyday thing.

These are so cute and fun. My baby loves these. Design is great. Briggs colors and easy to hold and play with.

These are great ,they make the cute funny noises my kids love them... When they get cute my youngest one goes and keep asking for more noise of this cute little thing.

these were cute at first, got annoying really quick, waste of money

My kids loved them at first, making all four sing together but now they just collect dust. They are cute but do get annoying quickly.

These are cute for some, annoying for others. We have gotten several in our house (and my dad keeps buying them for my brothers and sisters as well). I don't mind them so much, although it can be quite a scare in the night to accidentally step on one and have it go "ahh" at you! My mom, on the other hand, can't stand listening to them singing constantly, and it is constant in her house - seven of her nine kids are still at home, and four of them play with these. If you think you might be annoyed by the noise, just buy one to test it out. Most people either love them or hate them, and it's not something you know until you've heard it being played with for about two days straight.

Even I found these amusing at first, but got over them quickly like the children.

These are adorable. My daughter goes through phases with hers. At first she would just keep sticking her finger in it's mouth, then she suddenly got scared of it now she is back to the sticking her finger in it's mouth again. =)

my kids each have one of these (15 and 8) and they creep me out!!!

good for the children but insane for the parents.... ( well that what there for right for the kids so they will have fun) lol

I find these annoying but my nephew loves it!

I have a 7 year old so I discovered these 2 years ago Christmas shopping and feel in love not because the seven year old would love it but because I did! I bought one for all of my nieces and nephews under 3. Love them!!!