Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair

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Perfect chair for going anywhere. Only high chair I used with all four of my littlest ones. It was great to be able to take to holidays with family and even restaurants. Easy to clean and a must have for going out and about where eating will be involved.

Great lightweight portable high chair I had a really hard time deciding on what type of high chair to purchase for our son, primarily because there is such a huge variety and the price range is variable as well. We don't live in a huge house, so I was attempting to find something that did not take up a ton of floor space. I found this chair on an Amazon warehouse deal and it really appealed to me since it could sit on an existing chair. It's also very lightweight and has multiple settings which allowed him to start using it around 5 months. The seat is also very easy to take apart and wash.

Fisher Price is a trusted name I love our Fisher Price space saver High Chair ( we have a total of 3 various Fisher Price high chair, booster seats at people's houses that watch our son ) it is easy to clean, use, and my son seems rather comfortable in it too. I love the fact that it doesn't take up any space, just have to strap it on a chair and you're good to go. He also feels like a big boy sitting next to us. I would and have recommend these great chairs to others.

Great space saver Received this item from my sister-in-law, it is an ok highchair. I like that it saves space but it does take up an existing chair. If you have a larger family, you may want to have a regular high chair so you do not loose the chair for company, etc. Also I cannot push the high chair under my table so it sticks out in the middle of the room. Great to easily clean and I can easily remove the buckles to throw them in the washer/dishwasher (just turn it over and pull them through the holes - it really isn't hard once you figure it out)

This has been the best high chair for our family. It takes up very little space, is light and portable and easy to clean. I like how it leans back for babies who are just starting to sit up on their own. It is priced right and I would buy it again.

I'm so glad I decided to go with this instead of a full size high chair. It saves space and is veristle. Love it!

My son will sit and play in this for hours! I put his toys on the tray and he goes to town. It's a LIFESAVER, especially when we sit down for dinner... as a mom, you're the last to eat and it's usually always cold- but when he sits in this Fisher Price highchair, I CAN FINALLY have a warm meal with my family! I love it! Thank you FP!

this aas one of my registry items. My son is 5 weeks old and I just put it together. It's really easy to assemble. Took about 10 minutes. My son looks comfortable in it. I like that he can sit at the table with us and that we don't have to have a separate chair that takes up extra space!

I don't see how this saves any space. You still have to use a chair to place it on. I mean I understand that there isn't another chair in use like with a full size high chair. I like it, but I wish I would have gotten a full sized highchair. I am not exactly sure why. There is nothing wrong with this. It seems a little rickety on my chair. It but really I think it is a matter of preference. I had it in the box for a long time before I realized that I could have used it when the baby was little as a "recliner" at the table. That is a real plus for when the baby is younger and you wish you could eat your dinner hands free.

I used this as the only high chair for quite a while. I found it super convenient and a great space saver like it says .

I absolutely love this highchair! I have two, one for my household and another for my mother. They are perfectly sized, they tilt back for the younger children. I use the same one for both my 9 month old and my 2 year old!

Great highchair

I really love this in our small kitchen.

LOVE! this is a great product for small dining areas or kitchens with small space, we absolutly LOVE this product very easy to pull the cover off and wash, the only problem i have is that i can not remove all the buckles to wash and sanitize them so it is a hassel to wash the bottom set of buckles! other than that i LOVE it and so does my little one!

Perfect high chail, I love how eay it is to clean and it is so soft even for new babies.