Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider

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I received this as a baby gift and my infant enjoyed sitting in it but would not sleep in it. I like that it had the front/back and side to side motions.

My oldest son had the fisher price soothing motion glider and I really liked it and so did he. I do like the swing better. and it was kind of hard to move around the motion glider.

Amazing product

This was a life saver with my first child. Being able to have the motion to go side to side or back and forth gave her the comfort she needed to fall asleep. She was a reflux baby and the tilt and security in the seat was fantastic to keep her happy. The music options are soothing and having options on the speed was great. The one thing I didnt like was that it only runs on batteries. Depending on how much you use might go through quite a few batteries. It is a little bulky but not bad enough to keep me from being able to move it room to room. Easy removable cover for washing. The base you can just wipe down. This is a great item for a new mom to have to get through those rough nights. Definitely recommend.

I bought one of these when I was pregnant with my fourth child. This glider was the best baby gear I have ever purchased. The seat is extra soft and cradles your baby. The seat can also be turned 360 degrees, so if your baby prefers the back and forth, or side to side motion, he or she will love this. My son slept in it all the time when was younger. He is 7 months now and cant sit still so we werent able to get a ton of "time Usage" out of it but it was fully worth every penny. It plays soothing music in 2 different volumes and the glider has 2 speeds. I would recommend this to Any new mom out there... it was our saving grace somedays!