Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse

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AMAZINGG!! I got this for my youngest baby and he loved to cuddle it and the lullibyes soothed him and two years later it is still his go to nap/nighttime companion.

I got this item at my baby shower. I love the lullabies and the glow isn't too bright. My son however wasn't really into it.

My daughter loved this seahorse. It is not too loud or too bright. She named her seahorse bubbles and has to haul it everywhere with her. It is decently priced and well worth the money. Great soother!

I got both of my kids one of these. They wouldn't sleep without it as babies. They still have them to.

i recieved this as a gift for my baby shower. my first thoughts were that it was a gloworm rip off and silly looking, it doesn't even stand up, the music is cheesy and it was sterotypical boy or girl colors. i really didn't like it so i put it in the baby's toy box and forgot all about it. I WAS SO WRONG! a couple of months ago we returned from a trip and my daughters toys were still packed but she wouldn't settle down for a nap so i went searching for something to cuddle with and pulled the seahorse out. we haven't gone a nap without it since

My husband wanted to get our baby a Gloworm. His desire was based on what he remembered of them from many years ago. The current Gloworms are not nearly as nice as they used to be - they play loud music and aren't nearly as cute. When I found the Soothe and Glow Seahorse I was so happy! Firstly, it's cute, much cuter than the Gloworm models. Secondly, the music and sounds are also much much better - the music is quality and the volume can be adjusted. The sea sounds are a nice touch as well. Unlike the Gloworm, the Soothe and Glow Seahorse actually does help baby wind down with it's gentle music and ocean sounds. I would recommend this toy any day.

My Mom got this for my son when he was a baby and he is 5 and still uses it at night, especially when we travel and he needs some extra comfort from home. We can't use night lights in his room because he takes them out, leaving the outlet uncovered so this serves as a wonderful, portable nightlight. The soothing music plays for 13 minutes and helps him fall sleep. When he wakes up in the night he turns it on by pressing its belly, snuggles with it and is asleep again within minutes.

My youngest daughter was in love with this Fisher Price seahorse toy when she was a baby. She loved the ocean noises and was comforted by the soft glow. Only complaint was the seahorse only played for 5 min. It takes longer for most babies to fall asleep than that so I had to interrupt her falling asleep process to turn it back on. Wish it played for at least 15 min or that you could set the timing. Otherwise happy.

I received one of these when my son was born and love it! Would lay it with him when it was nap time and he would go down without a problem. I did see that there were problems with the battery pack and the coils melting, don't believe the product was officially recalled though. Never personally had a problem with this and I have changed the batteries multiple times.

I play this whenever I put my son down for a nap. It's not obnoxious or anything like that. It's calming, soothing and the perfect bedtime addition. My only issue with it is keeping the back closed. The velcro always seems to come undone, which leaves the back where you put the batteries exposed to my son.

I think this seashores is so cute but unfortunately my daughter isn't very interested in it. However I play the music before bedtime so she calmed down and knows she needs to go to bed soon.

This was one of our favorite gifts. Two years later my son still sleeps with it.

i bout this for my baby cousin and she loves it. its adorable and fluffy. and the music is so lovely

I bought this to my daughter for bed time.the sounds are so calmy.she love s it

This is great for nap time or bed time! I bought one for my son when he was only 3 months old and it would help him go to sleep. He is now 2 years old and has given it to his new baby sister! In all the time we have had it, we have not needed to change the batteries! The songs are nice and even put me to sleep and the fact that the tummy lights up is great since it isn't obnoxiously bright! I sometimes turn it on at night when I need to change my little girl because the light helps me see that I clean her well and doesn't bother her eyes since its not bright. But its just enough for me and the music keeps her calm while i change her. (She is 2 months old and wiggles around alot so this makes changing her diaper a lot easier)