Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

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Love the design. The bright colors, shapes and pictures are perfect for babies. It keeps them attracted to it. It's perfect for tummy time and is soft and also great for laying on their backs. Easy to set up and put away and east to clean.

This was okay for us. I thought it seemed like an adorable way to give my kids tummy time, but so far neither one of them has been especially thrilled with it. Every child is different, so before you invest in something like this, I would see if your child is more interested in sitting up to play, or lying down and looking up when they play. You can easily test it out by rigging something up and seeing if they reach for the toys above them. If they seem disinterested or fussy, you are probably better off getting a toy seat that has a bouncing aspect to it. Both of my children had a case of acid reflux as well, which added to their want to sit while playing. The set-up itself was quite nice - easy to put together, easy to clean, nice variety of toys... it just wasn't for our kids.

My son received this as a Christmas gift around 4 months old. He would coo and smile at the toys and loved to watch the mobile go around. His favorite part on the whole product other than the mobile was the mirror. I liked that there were so many places to attach toys and that the mobile had different settings. The mat was also a great size. We had to get rid of this product once my LO started pulling up because it is not stable enough for them to lean on but it was great while we used it!

love!love!love! received this as a baby shower gift and absolutely love it from the core of my heart. It keeps my baby occupied with its beautiful hanging toys. Its a great way for baby's to have fun while learning at the same time. I must say the makers are really intelligent and thought really close from a mother's perspective. My 5-month old smiles as I slide him into for some body building...:)