Fisher Price  Loving Family Grand Doll House

Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Doll House

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My daughter has had this for a few years, along with most of the furniture and people that are available to buy. Everything has held up well, and she loves these toys.

I don't have small children, but if I did I would definitely purchase fisher price products because the quality lives up to the name.

My 5yo LOVES this!!! She sits and arranges the rooms, the people, has balls and big dinners. It is wonderful and all the rooms and other accessory kits are AMAZING. I would highly recommend this and even though she will play for it for a while to come, I wish I would have bought this when she was around 3 to extend the value!! It is well built and we set it up on her train table and arranged the track around it so the train brings 'deliveries' to the house (which my sweet kiddo calls the pink castle!!)

This keeps my girls busy for hours!!

Cusin had this and she waas inlove with it

i give it four starts becasue of the overall price when you finally purchase the complete house your about 250plus

I bought this doll house for my daughter this past Christmas. She is almost 3. She absolutely loves it. She still hasn't gotten bored with it. She plays with it everyday. Buying the furniture and people sets can get a bit pricey though. In my opinion the house itself was worth the money.

This a beautiful dollhouse for little girls. My daughter got this when she was 3 and has enjoyed ever since. We have all the accessory pieces. Everything is very well made. The only problem we had was with the mini van. A door broke off, but Fisher Price replaced it with no questions asked. They have amazing customer service. The details to the house and accessories are amazing. It has everyting a little girl would want for her dollhouse. Pillows, pets, lamps, food, bibs for the babies, etc. This will be one toy I pack away for my daughter for her to pass on to her children. A well made toy that encourages a child's imagination! A true classic.

My daughter loves this. She has this dollhouse as well as the Toys R Us Christmas version and another one that came out a couple of years ago. She has her own neighborhood! She loves to play with these. They come with figures and furniture. They also sell additional figures and furniture. She loves the vehicles, which go with these also. Some of the furniture sets also make noises, i.e. the tv makes noises, the stove sizzles... We got her first one when she was three. She is now almost seven and she has played consistently with these. Other toys have been pushed aside but she has loved these.

This house is adorable. The house itself is so cute. The individual pieces/furniture for the rooms are well constructed and very detailed (though a tad pricey). Both of my children spend a great deal of time using their imaginations with this toy.

This is an off and on plus for my daughter. She is very energetic but when she does want to sit and play quietly she goes for her doll house.

We purchased this last year for my 4 year old daughter, . She loves it and still plays with it all the time. It is very durable and folds away for easy storage. All the little kids in the neighborhood love to play with the doll house, even the boys.

Bought this for our 2 1/2 yr old grand-daughter. She loved playing with my daughter's Fisher Price dollhouse (which is 17 yrs old). The accessories have improved soo much with sounds included. She can play for hours with it and love to watch her use her little imagination as she plays with the people and each of the rooms. Fisher Price definitely has the best dollhouse on the market!!

I my daughter her first Fisher Price dollhouse almost 12 years ago now. We bought a new one each year for either Christmas or her Birthday for the next 5 years. Though we have give 4 away to other families we have still kept her favorite 2 and some of the people and furniture. We always bring it out when we have little kids over and someday I plan on passing it on to my future grandchildren. For all the years that we have had those houses and we had 3 daughters that played with them. The houses never broke. The dolls never lost an arm, leg or head. They truly were one of the best investments for a childhood toy we ever made. And none of them that expensive for all the joy and memories they have brought me and my girls. I still love to look and see what new houses, people and furniture they will have and look forward to playing doll house again. Thank you Fisher Price! You truly made a great toy!