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  • AshleyMiller1988 By  AshleyMiller1988    

    Love this

    My son is 18 months and loves playing with this. He loves that he can pretend to get mail and run in and out of the door. This is so cute

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  • lmann117 By  lmann117    

    My son absolutely loves this toy, it is currently his favorite thing to play with now that he's more mobile. His big sister loves to play with it too and she's almost 7!

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  • TerTeaRay By  TerTeaRay    

    Bought this last Christmas for my then 1 year old and she enjoyed it. Now that she is 2 years old she loves it!!! I've been "invited" over several times and even told to come through the window.........had to decline my invite.

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  • Annakiv By  Annakiv    

    Fisher price has very good toys .

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  • mamaof2kiddos By  mamaof2kiddos    

    both my kids loved this.

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  • prettygal By  prettygal    

    a great name in the kids' toys industry you can blindly trust!

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  • gulrukh By  gulrukh    

    Great fun for kids

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  • Coltonsmama2011 By  Coltonsmama2011    

    We got hours and hours of fun play out of this. I truly recommend it, there's so much for little ones to do and play with!

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  • jvalbooks By  jvalbooks    

    My son really enjoys this!

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  • flyjarswife By  flyjarswife    

    my 6 and 3 year old STILL ask to play with this!!! Great toy

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  • Mininoesmivida By  Mininoesmivida    

    My son loves to play with. Its a fun toy because it keeps him entertained.

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  • momsgonecrazy By  momsgonecrazy    

    My kids both LOVED this when they were crawling and learning to walk. It provided hours and hours of entertainment for them and their friends. Fisher Price always makes quality products with kids in mind.

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  • Janicelynn By  Janicelynn    

    Perfect for crawlers, especially when the weather is cold and wet and you don't want your little one in the mud. Thereare lots of pieces/parts for little ones to play with.

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  • jdmmom143 By  jdmmom143    

    keeps children entertained.

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  • mdprep1 By  mdprep1    

    This was one of my son's favorite things for a very long time. But my mom got the barn version...and my son and I both preferred that one. It seems like it had more to do and more music for sure

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