Fisher-Price Imaginext Playsets

Fisher-Price Imaginext Playsets

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Imaginext for Life. We have an Imaginex t Alley in my four year olds room that is mostly Gotham City, we have the pirate ship, the 3 foot dinosaur, and a drawer or two full of characters with accessories. They are the best toys and my sons favorite! And can we say sturdy!!! I don't know how many I've stepped on and they always ?walk away? better than me. Even my one year old daughter prefers these toys over everything else she has... brother isn't too happy about it though.

Lasts FOREVER! We have several of these play sets. Many of them were my oldest child's and she is now 15! The 4 year old LOVES them! They made it through one, handed down to my friends son, who then handed them down to my son.

So far favorite toy of my children. a++++

My boys love Imaginex toys. They are great and durable and let kids express their imagination.

My three year old has this and he loves it. One of his favorite toys.

We got my five year old imaginext toys for his birthday and he has been playing with them nonstop for the past month! Even my three year old daughter has been playing with them. They are great toys for imaginative play!

Love the whole imaginext line for toddlers!~

These are AWESOME! My son is 5 and plays with these all the time. They are great quality and allow a great outlet for his imagination to take overand grow. Our current personal favorites are the castle and Batman. I love that these aren't hard for him to clean up by himself. The variety is wonderful and I hope they will contine to make sets and make some for girls too.

Another fav in our home over the past couple of years...easy to play set-up, durable lasting, safe & colorful

My 4 year old love this toy! It makes a lot of cool sounds also. Very sturdy toy!

My son has several of the Imaginext playsets. We started out with the dinosaur ones, he loved them. They are very durable and he would spend lots of time playing with them. Then he got into airplanes and spaceships, luckily Imaginext has those too. So he got some airplanes and has loved flying them around everywhere. He even shares with his cousins and friends so they can play together! Now he is into Batman and Robin and guess what! they have those too! How fantastic! I love that I can trust the brand and know that it is going to last with my rough and tumble little boy.

Imaginext anything is fantastic. My boys are 4 and 5 have the Batman castle, some dinosaurs, and airplanes and keep requesting and are getting more for Christmas. They are durable and provide hours and hours of entertainment and creative play. All of their friends love playing with them as well. Definitely recommend imaginext to everyone!

I love this line of toys, sooo durable, there are tons of different sets (bat man, dinosaurs, space, toy story) and more! VARIETY ! The little guys and such are so cool.... give kids so many options of play! A MUST HAVE IN ANY HOME!