Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

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I really like this product because I would strap it to any chair which makes it really nice when you want to have family dinners without shoving baby to the side. I never had an issue with it coming undone or my kid falling out or tipping the chair, etc.

Great to save space. I had intended to use this at the sitters house so I wouldn't have to bring over a high chair all the time, well guess what I loved it so much I got rid of the bulky high chair and got myself a Fisher Price booster seat too! My son is now 2.5 and we still use it every day. We can either use the tray or just the booster chair and scoot him up to the table. And the are soooooo much less expensive then a regular high chair! I would highly recommend this product.

I got this for my ( now ) three year old. He was only 6 months old when we got. It's been through hell and back. Both sets of grandparents live in different states and we travel a LOT to see them. This folds up for easy travel, is easy to attach to any chair and has really stood the test of time and a very destructive toddler. I haven't had the chipping paint issues that others have had and I've had to scrub this down MANY times.

This is so cute

I bought this booster seat to use for when we go out to eat because of all the germs, but I found that I love it so much I now use it in place of a way more expensive highchair! It fits well on any flat seated chair and is secured with easy to use straps. I like that it is made of a durable and easy to wash plastic. I throw the tray right in the dishwasher and it comes out looking brand new. I raved so much about my seat my friend went and got one for her 3 year old to use pulled up to the table without the tray and she loves it too. Great buy, one of the best things I have purchased in regards to baby stuff.

great to have

My son loved this seat. The toys held his attention while I prepared meals. The straps fit securely around our chairs and the tray was a nice size-it could easily hold his plate and cup. It was hard to clean though as food got in every little crack!

Love it! A bit hard to clean at times, but what seat isn't when you have a food flinging child in it!?

Love this. Its so noce to leave at grandparents house and travel.

Love this product. Used it for two kids. No problems with any chipping paint or issues with the toys. In fact, the boys like to take the toys off the tray to play with it when we aren't eating. Keeps them busy before dinner with the toys and gives them room to eat. We were easily able to move it up to the table when our oldest had outgrown the tray and was ready to start eating at the table. I don't know if this would be possible for all tables/chairs depending on the height and style.