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  • Romanj00 By  Romanj00    

    Iffy toy

    This item had parts that broke easily. I am not sure they really got much use out of this toy.

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  • amberoo1981 By  amberoo1981    

    My child loves this toy!She can spend hours playing with it.I think it worth the money for the amount of playtime she gets out of it.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    What a great toy! My nephew loves his and uses it daily.

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  • Mommycheli By  Mommycheli    

    My son and daughter both liked this toy. They played with this toy a lot longer than most other toys. You know the ones that get played with a couple times and then off to goodwill they go. This one stayed in the family for first my son then my daughter. Now my brothers kids are enjoying it.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    fun but temperamental. Kids can destroy easily if they have no concept of breaking things

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  • Nickeylynn By  Nickeylynn    

    This toy we are not outgrowing! my kids have played with one of these for years now. They like to use all sorts of cars in it, and amazingly enough most cars dont get stuck.

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  • arianasullivan By  arianasullivan    

    My son was given one for Christmas several yeas ago, and it's one of his favorite toys. He loves testing out all of his different cars to see which ones are faster. It is very loud though, which is not fun when you trip over it at night after just getting the kids to sleep.

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  • stellarjkd By  stellarjkd    

    It's an okay toy, it offers some fun but it's definitely not worth the retail price. We found one at a thrift store for $3 and that was about right to me. It's just plastic cars going down a plastic track. If you're not buying it simply for the Cars brand, I would recommend choosing something else. It's pretty sturdy, but my daughter who wanted it BADLY got bored with it pretty quick. Big dustcatcher. It wasn't here long before it got donated back to the store it came from

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  • Mommyofthree By  Mommyofthree    

    My son loves this toy. He still plays with it all the time and he got it about 2 years ago. My only problem is that the cars are so small. I wish they were bigger for the age. It does not help they get lost all the time.

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  • chelleleighann By  chelleleighann    

    My son loves this toy, even though the cars almost constantly get stuck. I don't like it, so its put up on the shelf so I don't here it revving or him yelling at the stuck cars.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    my lil guy loved this toy so much fun...but the cars sometimes got stuck at the top

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  • Kaylamandis By  Kaylamandis    

    We found this toy at Goodwill actually and my son loves watching the cars race around the turns! We make a game of guessing which car will win. It provides a lot of entertainment for my son!

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  • grazypasta By  grazypasta    

    My Grandson loves this Toy from Fisher Price. Lots of fu hours to play with his little Cars.

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  • Rissa09 By  Rissa09    

    All of my kids have enjoyed this. The small cars are great but also racing other small cars or marbles have been my kids favorite. We have not had anything break on this toy either. Another great gift for a child who likes the CARS stuff!

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  • carolc By  carolc    

    ok my son broke this and this is an awesome toy if ur kids dont act like tarzan not strong enough be careful though

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