Fisher Price Cradle N' Swing

Fisher Price Cradle N' Swing

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This is a great swing! I've used it for 3 children & it's still going strong. I love the fact that you can use batteries or plug it up. It's very easy to fold to put in a closet or a trunk. The fact that it goes back & forth and side to side is great. One of my children preferred the side to side & another preferred back & forth. It doesn't go too fast on the lowest setting for newborns as I've seen some swings go too fast.

We used this swing when my daughter was little and she loved it. For a while it was only way she'd fall asleep except in our arms. I loved the motion and the design made it easy to change direction as needed. It is highly efficient and effective. The bright colors and design was attractive. I also loved the figurines in the mobile and the fact that it had a tray.

This is such an amazing product. The only place my daughter would go to sleep for the longest time. It was so soothing to her!!!

we liked this product but it was a bit of a challange to assemble and even harder to clean!! My little one loved napping here and i found that if it werent for this swing i would never have gotten any housework done so the pros most def outdo the cons!!

This is the swing that I used for my son, and I loved it. He would frequently fall asleep in here for nap-time, and now that he's older, he adores fish. I swear it's because all of his baby stuff had the "Ocean" theme, and he was always lulled to sleep by the water sounds that play. I especially like that the mobile lights up with different colors, and it was very soothing to let this play for him on afternoons when it was dim outside from a rainy day. If I had known I was going to have another child so soon, I never would have given it away to a friend!

I had the My Little Lamb version as well and it only had batteries,no ac adapter as well. The battery life was good until the baby actually gained a pound or two then it seemed like the batter life was impossible to keep up with(and C/D batteries are not cheap in bulk.). However the fact that my daughter who used this the most had colic and was only soothed by the side to side motion made this swing well worth the money and money spent on batteries.I loved how the swing direction could be changed to side/side or front/back to meet baby's needs and that the seat reclined to a lying down position(pretty much) or completely sitting up for a feeding. Great swing

I had the "My little lamb" version of this swing & I loved it! It was easy to put together, even for me. It was so soft & plush. I loved how it reclined with ease & the toy tray is completely ramovable for the little ones. The only gripe I had was the battery life length. An ac adapter would've been great.

I love it becasue i can use batterys or plug it in! I also like it becasue it can swing side to side, or back and forth. But on the first setting i thought it was a little rough for my new baby, it's fine now that shes a little older, and she does love the sea animals that move in circles over her head, as well as the lights!