Finding Your Unicorn Space with Eve Rodsky

Eve Rodsky

How to Reclaim Your Curiosity & Creativity: Finding Your Unicorn Space with Eve Rodsky

SS Member Image    by   SheSpeaksTeam    Mar 29, 2022

What is your unicorn space? It’s not self-care, a hobby or a side hustle. It’s about finding your curiosity, passion, and creativity. In this episode, Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author, returns to the podcast to talk to us about her latest book, Find Your Unicorn Space.  She shares with us some tips for how you can tap into your creative passion, how to overcome the hurdles that might stand in your way, and how to really identify what you are truly curious about. 

With her acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Fair Play, Eve Rodsky began a national conversation about greater equality on the home front. But she soon realized that even when the domestic workload becomes more balanced, people still report something missing in their lives—that is, unless they create and prioritize time for activities that not only fill their calendars but also unleash their creativity.

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