Finally, Fashions For the Non "Girly" Girls!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 03, 2013


If you’ve ever visited the girl’s clothing section of any department store you probably became overwhelmed by all of the pink and purple. These two colors often dominate fashion for young girls. But what if a girl prefers to wear something not so sparkly or not so pink? Fortunately for them there’s a new clothing line with these girls in mind.

The Girls Will Be clothing brand was recently launched by Austin, Texas mom Sharon Choksi who credits her 8 year old daugher for the inspiration. Choksi explains that since the age of 3 her daughter has expressed her dislike for “girly” clothing which has made it very hard to shop.

After Choksi decided it was time to offer girls an alternative to all of the pink and purple t-shirts bearing hearts and flowers, she came up with a clothing line that features non-gender specific designs. If you’ve got a daughter into sharks, Choksi’s got a t-shirt just for her. Some other designs feature robots, bugs, airplanes, baseballs, and soccer balls and are especially tailored to fit young girls of all sizes.

Writer for the online blog American Statesman, Nicole Villalpando, explained how the Girls Will Be name plays into the idea that young girl’s fashion shouldn’t always fit into the “girly” girl mold. She writes, “The name Girls Will Be comes from the idea that girls can be anything: Girls Will Be Astronauts, Girls Will Be Neurologists, Girls Will Be Engineers, etc. It plays against stereotypes and focuses on girl empowerment.”

What do you think of the new clothing line designed for girls who don’t want to dress in popular “girly” girl designs?

If you found this brand in your local department store, would you see at it as a refreshing change?


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christinlilly by christinlilly | SIESTA KEY, FL
Sep 25, 2013

Love this!! My daughter is about as girly girl as one can get though, but this would have been right up my alley as a kid (even adult!!) I am just not trendy, fashion girly girl!

jemappel by jemappel | Rye Brook, NY
Sep 06, 2013

I despise pink and purple, and my daughter isn't fond of them either. She doesn't need gender-neutral clothing, but adding some oranges, yellows and greens into the mix would make girls' clothing much more pleasant. My daughter would not want bugs and baseballs on her clothing, Then, does Ms. Villalpando need to make it political? Having pink and purple clothing prevents girls from being engineers? Tired of the extremes in the conversation.

ShellM4 by ShellM4 | RED HOOK, NY
Sep 05, 2013

This clothing line is great. I wasn't a girly girl was I was a kid and either is my oldest daughter, she hates hates pink and finding clothes for her is a nightmare. If I found these in my store I would love it!