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  • Cassie85 By  Cassie85    

    These shoes are amazing! I wear them for running and exercising!! They do take some time getting used to your toes being separated!!

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  • meditationmama By  meditationmama    

    So, they take a little getting used to ....but they are really awesome.

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  • Destinystyle2317 By  Destinystyle2317    

    i always wanted a pair and i going to get them love it

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  • kara331 By  kara331    

    I love, love loveeee my skeletoes!!!!!! They are so great to run in, I also get into a smooth running pace. They're great!!! Everyone should own a pair!!!

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  • nellienits By  nellienits    

    The are great in the gym, outside the gym and for walking around, like wearing nothing at all, but with arch support. Too bad they get a little smelly at times due to no socks

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