Fijit Friend

Fijit Friend

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My daughter got a Fijit Friend named Logan as a gift last year. He quickly became the favorite toy for both her & her younger brother. They loved how much he spoke back to them. I haven't seen a toy so interactive for quite some time. & I loved that it was made of such a durable rubber. Definitely a great way to keep your kids occupied for a little while...if not longer!

I love Seraphina and so does my granddaughter. The people who are having problems should have returned it to the store for a replacement. As for the other complaint, check the batteries, it has to have fresh batteries to work. Also, there are many things she does that you probably haven't uncovered yet. Watch the YouTube videos. Read more instructions. She is fun. And, now she has little friends to play with.

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She doesn't work correctly. Seraphina (the Figits name) doesn't dance or respond to a lot of the questions asked. I have wrote the company about the malfunctions and have not received a reply.

my son loves this

My daughter got this for her 7th birthday over the summer. At first it was cute but now she doesn't even touch it. It works periodically and we find ourselves SCREAMING the key phrases because it doesn't respond. One thing it has taught my daughter is that you can't alway believe what is on the advertisement!!! Good life lesson. I would not purchase this toy.