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  • tigerlilly By  tigerlilly    

    Best Tasting Water

    The best tasting water. I love Fiji water. It the best tasting water I ever had. I don't liking drinking water unless it is Fiji. I would like it better if came in a glass bottle.

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  • nandita_a By  nandita_a    


    No chemicals but too pricey. Good packaging. Can't have it for day to day use unless someone gives it for free :P

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  • Belleofthelight By  Belleofthelight    

    This water is actually delicious!

    Fiji water was able to get this never-drinking-water type to love guzzling down bottles. The source of this water is obviously where the credit belongs because I have tried many brands and this Fiji is the best. A bit pricey, depending on location. Regardless, worth the money to get yourself over the hump of drinking water.

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  • tsf82481 By  tsf82481    

    So Fresh & So Clean

    This is my go to bottled water. It is the clearest, most amazing water you can buy. The bottles are very nice to look at as well!

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  • opdnurse By  opdnurse    

    Fiji water is the best

    This is by far the best tasting water out there in my opinion and i have to make myself drink water usually. If i could afford this all the time it wouldn't be a hassle getting in the amount of water i need. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey.

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  • Tbergs By  Tbergs    

    I chose this just to write a review. But I'm not a big fan of buying expensive bottled water. It's a bit over rated.

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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I am in love with Figi water. I stock up on this weekly. I cannot drink any other kind of water except Figi. Figi has a great taste and is easy to drink. Other waters don't taste so fresh. It's hard enough to drink water but Figi water makes it a cinch!

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  • jennamarbles By  jennamarbles    

    Fiji is an awesome brand. Tastes very natural and is something I always look for when I need to buy water.

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  • missyfw By  missyfw    

    im not much of a big water drinker until i found out about fiji water. i don't know why but its amazing. its very refreshing and it taste amazing. i usually get the flavor waters but i can drink figi water and i love it

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  • RFayette By  RFayette    

    This is the best bottled water I have tasted. It tastes so much lighter and cleaner than other bottled water. It is so refreshing!

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  • jacezara23 By  jacezara23    

    I love Fiji water! It definitely tastes better than other bottle water products. I treat myself to Fiji water every once in a while.

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  • Tamiramichelle By  Tamiramichelle    

    Fresh tasting and refreshing beverage. Tastes super clean!

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  • bbaileeey By  bbaileeey    

    I do love Fiji water, its a smooth great taste. however, I cannot afford to spend 3$ on a bottle of water that I can get the same amount or even more water for a third of the cost. Definitely pricey, but if you can afford it its very yummy.

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  • Atheneg By  Atheneg    


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  • Caseybuss By  Caseybuss    

    This is the best bottled water! The only kind I like. I just bought a case of it yesterdy

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