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    Cheesecake on the Go!

    What cheesecake you say? I have met very few people who don't like cheesecake, but those who do find comfort in it's creamy texture and sweet love. I got a chance their two men flavors Key Lime and Chocolate. I first tried the Key Lime Cheesecake. It was a shock of how creamy it was. The Key Lime is crisp, tangy and sweet. It really gives Key Lime justice. I was so sure this would be my favorite. But then, I tried the Chocolate Cheesecake bar. In one bite, you have melting chocolate in your mouth. I would describe it close to a fudge brownie. So final count... DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! But wait, there is more. Each bar is only 150 calories and 20% daily value of fiber. With is also being low in sodium and fat, it makes this the best treat for yourself. A treat that can be on the go like many of us are. On the way to school or work, on the way to sports practices, on the way to seeing good friends, on the way... you get the idea. It is also great way to treat yourself after a long day without the guilt of the extra calories. Overall, I found this to be a pleasant treat that I really enjoyed.


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