Fiber One 90 Calorie Bar, Chocolate

Fiber One 90 Calorie Bar, Chocolate

              Rated #83 in Cereal & Breakfast Food
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My Choice! Good for fiber intake, energy, and overall health if taken in moderation and not overtook. Please follow serving sizes. This is the healthiest breakfast you can have that also keeps you up on your feet for long.

Great Tasting Snack These are great tasting snack bars. I love the chocolate flavor and the texture. These are a great snack bar to take with you on the go and are pretty low in calories.

When I go to the gym,I take this for a snack! They are healthy! But,they also taste good!

Good for the system and healthy. It taste great .

Great snack for on the go. Tastes really good. Love chocolate!

These are really yummy. I always take some with me on the way to school.

Love these bars. Great healthy choice for your sweet tooth and so filling. Just a warning, don't eat 2 in a short amount of time. Your system may not be ready for that amount if fiber.

These bars are very delicious and you can eat them without the guilt because their only 90 calories. They really fill you up until your next meal. Great snack!

I eat these to take care of my chocolate fix when I need one. They hit the spot without the guilt.

a good buy for those snack cravings and it's a win wiin with chocolaate and fiber

I buy these and fiber one bars are good when you need something sweet without a lot of calories. Satisfies my sweet tooth.

They have a great flavor and good for a chocolate fix and I don't want tons of calories.

Now this taste like a candy bar. it just is too good to be healthy.

There are really tasty, but watch out... three hours after eating it the fiber really starts working. It's Toot City USA 2012 up in here!

Low calorie between meals snack that satifies my hunger & has the added bonus of fiber. What's not to like? Absolutely would recommend this product.