Feline Pine Cat Litter

Feline Pine Cat Litter

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This is the only cat litter that I purchase. It is a great natural product. Nice pine smell to it, no dust or harmful additives that can harm your kitty. I had initially switched over to this product after using multiple clay clumping products that had ended up irritating my allergies. I would have issues vacuuming the apartment mostly because dust ended up blowing everywhere and I would end up wheezing. Not just that, many clay products can damage a cat's digestive system (especially kittens) if they happen to ingest too much of the product. This is a NON-clumping version of feline pine, there is a clumping version that does not work so well. I prefer the non-clumping version mostly because of the large pellets and I do not like dealing with scraping sticky clumps out of the litter box. If you do not clean the litter box often it can get stinky fast so if you are someone who cannot clean daily then you are better off using another product. Also, some cats do not like this product and it is recommended to gradually change over to the product. I am lucky that my cat isn't very picky and she took to the change quite fast. This product is only slightly more expensive than clay but lasts much longer. A 20LB bag has lasted me 3 months for one medium-large sized cat.

I (and my cat) love this cat litter. I feel it is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly litters available. I switched my cat to it about 10 years ago (he is now 19). The only downside is stepping on the occasional pellet scattered onto the floor with bare feet.

I had my 2 male cats for 11 yrs & tried soooo many different kinds of litter before finding this Earth Friendly miracle! I absolutely loooove this litter & would never use another brand if I ever have a cat again!

Didn't control odor enough. Not worth it.

While I like the ingredients more than traditional clay litter, my cat refused to use it!

My cats don't care for it, but it seems like a good idea..

I switched my now deceased cat to this litter at age 9. All of our cats continue to use Feline Pine and have no issues with it. Some have never known anything else! I love the fact that it is biodegradable and low dust. Great product though I wish I could find coupons more.

I have used this in the past. thought is was great but then my cats seemed to find the pine funature ???? NOT Good!

Good idea in theory to be economically friendly, but unfortunately my cat would not use it. He went on the bedspead next to the litterbox as if to say "See, there!"

Love this litter. No dust like from clay litter that can be harmful to my cat. My cat has been using it for several years now. The smell is minimal, less so than with other types of litter. And it is gentle to the environment. Doesn't get much better.

The idea of it seems good, my friend absolutely loves this for her two cats, but mine hate it. I followed the directions and mixed it with my old stuff as instructed but once the cat mixed it to the top, they stopped using the litterbox... oh well! Kinda stinks though.

My cat hates Feline Pine. He refuses to go if it's in his litter box. The scent was a little strong for me as well.

I like this product..but only give it two stars for the price. It doesn't stop the smell like clay cat litter. However, clay is less healthy for me and my cats with the dust and perfumes added to it. It did take a little time for my cats to get used to it. I found an alternative to Feline Pine at my local feed store...they sell a similiar item for horse stall bedding. It works the same as Feline Pine but is only about $8 for a 40 lb bag.

I am so glad I made the switch to Feline Pine. The newer clumping version is even better than the original, and the clumps are flushable which makes scooping it every day a breeze! I no longer smell cat pee + yucky perfumes, just a pleasant natural pine scent. The only drawback is that it does stick to the cat's fur but it is a small price that I am willing to pay for a safe, natural, and effective product. The price isn't really that bad when you consider that 10 pounds of sawdust is a lot more volume than 10 pounds of clay. Plus their website has coupons, rebates, and a points program that really helps to offset the cost. Besides, I am always willing to pay a premium for my pets' and my family's health.

I like the idea, but my cat didn't. I purchased after I had my cat declawed...I didn't use it very long, but I didn't really care for it..It was hard to clean out. My cat is much happier with the regular litter..