Feline Greenies Cat Treats

Feline Greenies Cat Treats

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Even my picky cats love these, and I love that it makes their breath smell less like a fish factory! We struggle to clean their teeth consistently, and these treats really help when we just can't get to it. But as always, a dental treat can't replace proper brushing/cleaning maintenance. I really wish this treat could!

My cat did not like these but he does not like most cat treats

Tasty, healthy way to keep your pet's teeth clean Of course, my cats would never let me brush their teeth (the dogs are bad enough), but I worry about keeping their teeth clean. Luckily we discovered Greenies cat treats. My cats love them, and I like that not only are these treats healthy for my pets, but they help keep their teeth clean! Nobody wants to stress out a pet with having a dental cleaning (and possible extraction) done on them, not to mention that they can cost a small fortune. Keeping your pets' teeth clean is a great way to avoid that cost, not to mention that healthy teeth and gums in a pet will help keep them healthy overall. I give our three cats these daily and I have noticed a reduction in tartar on our boy's teeth. The other two didn't have tartar, but also have not had any form since using Greenies.

These transformed my cats breath, plus it's the only treat she likes :)

Kitty crack!

Cats love treats!

My cats love these things! I first got a few as a sample from a local pet supplies store, and my cats were all over them. They usually don't care much for harder treats, but I guess these are a huge exception. They are larger in size than many cat treats, so I would suggest keeping an eye on your cats if they are small or tend to swallow their food whole. One of my cats does swallow her kibble before chewing, but she does tend to much on these treats a little bit before swallow, but it is something to keep in mind just in case.

Love this product! Definitely worth your money. My cat loves them and since they're very low in calories I can give them to her daily.

I am not a fan of Greenies for dogs due to digestion problems in the past (I work in the Vet field). However, I LOVE the feline Greenies and use them with my own cat. She LOVES them! I toss in about 5 or 6 a day and mix them in with her dry food.

I was so excited to have my cat try these out. I was disappointed when she gave them a sniff and I found them still laying on the floor at the end of the day.

Cats just love these! Our cats line up for these treats and one will actually sit when you say "sit", but only for Greenies. We have to keep them in a locked cabinet, because if we don't, they will open drawers and cabinet doors to shred the bag and eat them all! Need I say more?

Great for the cat's teeth, they love 'em.

Now that they changed the formula for greenies, I use them with my dog. He is a Chi and the smallest size is perfect. He is my medical service dog and goes with me everywhere ... so I put a greenie in a baggie and in my bag. When I have a procedire where I am out of my wheelchair but he must stay, I give him the greenie to occupy him (altho he is trained to sit quietly even without a treat) and depending on his appetite and the length of time, he may finish it or have a lot remaining. Whatever is left over goes back in the baggie for later!

One of my cat's favorite treats, and good for his teeth as well!

My cats are very picky and will only eat these treats. Over the years, I have tried all kinds of treats and they will just look and walk away. With Greenies, they go insane. I just wish they were sold in more stories.