February 4, 2012 - Thank A Mail Carrier Day

   By RoscoeRamblingsJen  Feb 04, 2012

February 4th, 2012 is Thank A Mail Carrier Day.  This is perfect timing for people like me who had the best of intentions in wanting to give their mail carrier a little something extra around the holidays, but just didn’t get it done.   

I know that many people have the argument that since delivering mail is a mail carrier’s job that they don’t need anything extra.   With the volume of freebies, online orders, and regular mail that I receive, I think that doing a little something extra is nice.  Plus, I’ve had the same mail carrier the entire six years that I’ve been living in this house.

Doing a little something extra for your mail carrier doesn’t have to be a budget buster.   Gifts such as cookies, spices, hot cocoa, are all inexpensive and nice. 

Here’s what I decided to do this year:   Thanks to some pre-Christmas fundraisers, we have a ton of microwave popcorn in our house right now.  I grabbed a couple of bags of the popcorn, and printed out a little note that says:


February 4, 2012 is Thank A Mail Carrier Day!

Thanks for popping by each day!


I taped the note around the bags of popcorn, and will place it in my mailbox on the 4th.  Piece of cake!  If you would like to use the same note that I used,  I have made it available here. 

Do you do anything extra for your mail carrier around the holidays or in February?  

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Brenda121 by Brenda121 | VANCEBURG, KY
Feb 05, 2012

If my mail carrier would stop getting food on my mail & maybe try shutting my mailbox door I would give her something.. If she has something that's to big for my mailbox, she will beep the horn till we come out & get it..

maikalani416 by maikalani416 | Carson City, NV
Feb 04, 2012

i like this! i jus recently moved into my new house i bought so i think it's time to raid my pantry real quick and get something out there.. hello fiest lime popcorn! such a cute note idea!

jygriebel by jygriebel | Marble, PA
Feb 04, 2012

What a cute idea! I had no idea there is a Thank A Mail Carrier Day, thanks for sharing!

Emlynn by Emlynn | Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 04, 2012

Even though I don't give little gifts..I tell them when I see them I always say Thank you for delivering the mail,and have a short talk and its good to know them. Wave or say Hello everyday!