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  • bobbiejoe101 By  bobbiejoe101    

    I bought one of these when the store I was at didn't have the refills for the brand that we had been using in our home. I love it. works wonderful. We have 2 dogs and a smoker in the home. glad I took the chance!

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  • Rose99 By  Rose99    

    These make my whole house smell great, I have pets some I need help:>)

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  • kapley By  kapley    

    For a plug in I have to say this is the best one out their! It has a nice strong scent that fills the room up. After a few weeks though it really starts to lose its strength.

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  • jenniferr8240 By  jenniferr8240    

    I love these!! I have like 5 right now. One in each bathroom and then one in my front living room, family room and one in kitchen. These are not too overpowering at all like the glade or air wick plug ins, that fade out over time. They keep their scent, but faintly. I love when I walk in to my house after being outside and I get the hit of the plug in. Great product!! Just wish it was a little cheaper or then lasted a little longer. One refill lasts about a month only. And they are a little pricey , but I love em. If you don't have on yet, you must try it. Well worth it!!

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  • celler By  celler    

    smells great my mom has at her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ddimarro By  ddimarro    

    I have one of these plugged in about 8-10 feet from the litter box and it is the only air freshener that really works. I picked up the new Moroccan combo scents last week and will be trying them out soon. The only reason is can't give them 4 stars is the price. Even at Walmart, I pay between $5.50 - $6.00 for one refill. It's better than smelling a litter box, though!

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