Febreze Car Vent Clips

Febreze Car Vent Clips

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Febreeze car vent I like them, but my allergies don't approve, but will highly recommend them

Thank lord for these Sometimes your car just stinks, and dear god you just need to deal with it ASAP. The windows down just don't always cut it. Yikes. That's when these bad boys come into play!

Awesome Product we love how well these make our cars smell nice and fresh great product

Best auto air freshener I love Febreze Car Vent Clips for keeping the inside of my vehicle smelling nice and fresh. They are simple to use and last a long time. The fragrances are familiar and comforting.

Love it Makes the car smell so good ! Love this product bc it makes my car smell new again! It lasted longer than I expected also.

work great I love how these make my car smell nice and fresh they last a long time and are adjustable

Great product This made my car smell absolutely delicious without having to block the entire vent!

fun to use in the car, scent doesnt last as long as i like

potent and good smelling for sports seaons I love how it knocks the smells right out. I have to very active boys who play sports this takes care of my car from having a funky odor.

I only use Frebreeze air freshener, so naturally I'd use these in my car. They have many wonderful scents and I think they're just a great product overall

Awesome product! Please come out with new scents!! I always use febreeze, I love it in my car vents!!! I wish they would come out with new scents like blueberry or lemon!!!

Clean Cars! I always keep a Febreeze car freshener in my car. They last for longer than 30 days ( I think more like 60) & they seriously smell the best. You can change the levels of scent if you choose. Sometimes it can be overbearing, but it is great for a freshener!

Short lived smell These car fresheners are great for the first few days after you buy them, sadly they lose their smell pretty fast.

Love scent Really enjoy all the different scents that are offered. The fragrance last about a week and I always receive a lot of compliments that the vehicle smells good.

I love it The scent was really strong at first but eventually was tolerable. It lasted longer than I expected since I have the AC on the highest setting. I will definitely buy these again.