Favorite Moment of 2013 : Best Friends / Worst Enemies

   By TheGuavaliciousLIfe  Dec 10, 2013

The morning was cool and crisp. My twins were dressed with care. My husband looked hot. I had taken a shower and had makeup on. We were off to take our holiday card photos without a care in the world. Visions of post picture ice cream and burritos were dancing in everyone's heads. Except mine since I was ready to snap. Instead of happy smile, a frown was on my face. All I could excalim was suck it 2013.

Six is the worst. That's been our unintential family mantra this year. Six means the emotions of a thirteen year old mixed in with the tantrums of a three year old. And in a house with two six year old girls, whoa doggy. I've taken to calling my kiddos emotional terrorists and prepping each day as if we live in a war zone.

Picture morning was no exception. As my husband busied himself with procuring coffee and takeout breakfast to soothe his holiday festivities of the night before, I struggled to get my daughters into matching outfits. After the seventh argument over whose IDENTITCAL tights were whose, I threw my hands in the air and told them to wear what they want. Then I spent twenty minutes putting on makeup and trying to find an outfit that camoflouged the twenty pounds of stress eating I had put on since our last holiday card picture.

Our motely, non matching crew, headed downtown where my darlings proceeded to get in a fist fight. As we dragged them, screaming, from each other the photographer walked up. As she worked feverishly to get more than one of us to smile in a shot, I inwardly cringed and crossed my fingers that she didn't have SuperNanny on speed dial. Fortunately my husband was not having tense internal dialogue with himself since he was able to catch the girls before they both threw themselves onto the tripod in the midst of another heated disagreement.

While we slurped down our ice cream, I pondered doing a throwback Christmas card and featuring our adorable dog like we did before we became parents. 

Then I saw the shots. Sure I only got the few that the amazing photographer was able to cull with all of looking decent. And sure, one of those shots is a picture of my child actually strangling me (the file was aptly named Motherhood.) But there was one shot that made me tear up. My girls were their arms around each other, laughing it up.

And that's how our very helacious holiday photo shoot became my favorite moment of 2013. Because beneath all the tantrums, tears, and girl fights, there is the fact that my girls are becoming more than sisters. 2013 is the year where they are also turning into best friends. 


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msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Dec 12, 2013

I love it when you have an "I will cherish this memory for the rest of my life" moment!

hollyshespeaks by hollyshespeaks | LARCHMONT, NY
Dec 10, 2013

It's those small moments that mean the most, when they're smiling and getting along. I also want to freeze frame these moments in time.

ellenstar by ellenstar | FORT LEE, NJ
Dec 10, 2013

Love this Kate. So funny... Yet so truthful. Estelle