Fashionable Hair: Bold New Hair Color

   By CarolinaMama  Sep 07, 2011

Summer is winding down and hair color is firing up!  Seriously, have you noticed all the bold hair color out there right now?
We have lots of choices ladies and gentlemen.

First it was the Hair Feathering and now it's the color.  Cosmopolitan captured this milder version on Katy Perry. 

The colors are many and very from bold and brash to a bit more subtle.  I've seen everything from Amber to the hot pink tones.
Salons like this Lucy Pop Salon in Nashville specialize in Pink Hair and lots of color choices in general.  Speaking of choices, there is
news on the latest Natural Hair Color.

Some like the semi-permenant hair color.  Some like the permanent variety for as much pop as possible.  Would you chose a bold
hair color for your every day tresses?  Have you had a major hair color lately?  And how was it?  If not, I think it will be okay.
There are lots of fun choices right now and jazz up your look.

Who's catching the Hair Color wave?  Me, I've had the same hair color most of my life - with a little help from my stylist / colorist.
And that has made all the difference. 

Maybe the Amber or Cinnamon are the perfect bold colors for Fall.


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Oct 08, 2011

My sister just had something similar, but it was more light pink than this color. Strawberry blonde maybe. I am not brave enough for it and I would look silly for sure!

aeryka310 by aeryka310 | Sharonville, OH
Sep 19, 2011

i have naturally red (well, actually more like orange) hair and i've been accused of dying my hair most of my life... but i'm not brave enough to actually do it. i think my natural color is bold enough for me. plus i think my hubby might kill me if i changed it!

MissxKrystal by MissxKrystal | Brampton, OU
Sep 15, 2011

I've had my hair color all different colors of the rainbow in my I've been taking a break lately

DianeHoffmaster by DianeHoffmaster | LILBURN, GA
Sep 12, 2011

there is a boy at my church (high school I think) with bright purple hair. Not sure how I would feel if that were my kid!

MyPaperBleedsInk by MyPaperBleedsInk | Fairfax, MN
Sep 07, 2011

My hair is currently a purple mixed with blue to make it a bit of a darker purple and more interesting looking. I've had my hair various colors throughout my life... many times spray one.... some temporary wash outs..... now I'm on the ones that last for months or until it grows out. Love different colors.

Mammakin76 by Mammakin76 | JBER, AK
Sep 07, 2011

I tried a Hot Red color(permanent) this year, and at first I LOVED IT! Then after just 2 weeks it started fading and everyone complimented on my "pink" hair, we are talking neon pink. Soon after that it became a yellowish pink, where the stripped hair underneath was coming through. It cost me almost 200 dollars to fix it back to my normal color and I will never do it again. If I had enough money to keep it up every couple of weeks it would be fun, but I am not to keen on that idea!