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  • MyBeautifulFlaws By  MyBeautifulFlaws    

    A Gimmicky Product with No Results

    Their most recent product is the Unicorn Essence, which they advertise as a skincare product and makeup primer. The product has a thin water-like consistency and a bubblegum pink appearance that is loaded with glitter and shimmer. It had a very strong cotton candy fragrance, which doesn't fade or dissipate throughout the day but is rather so strong that you can smell it constantly all day long until you cleanse your face. While this pink shimmery candy-scented product is obviously attractive and targeted to a younger audience who thinks it's "pretty" or "cool," proper skincare shouldn't smell like candy, contain glitter or shimmer, or have dyes that make it appear bright pink. Those ingredients can actually be harmful and cause irritation and acne issues. Besides that, it's just not effective as a skincare product, and it doesn't hold up to its claims as a makeup primer that extends the wear of makeup throughout the day. It's a water-based product (a poor one at that) that immediately absorbs into the skin and is intended to be worn under other moisturizers or primers. It doesn't contain any ingredients whatsoever that would actually prolong makeup wear. Bottom line... this is one product that you should stay away from. It doesn't hold up to any of its claims.


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