Fantasy Camp: A Place Where Your Wildest Dreams Come True

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 23, 2015

For those looking for a little more action than lying on a tropical beach on their next vacation, fantasy camps are only growing in popularity (especially with the retired crowd). Whether you want to stand in front of a cheering audience playing rock-n-roll music with your favorite musical artists or whipping up a gourmet meal in a famed chef’s kitchen, there’s probably a fantasy camp experience out there that will blow you away.

Reuters reports about the growing trend of fantasy camps and how the pricy endeavor is attracting many retirees looking for a different vacation experience than your typical tourist trap cruise or beach resort.

Former executive at Motorola, Rey More would probably say that he is not only a fan of fantasy camps bt has also become addicted. While attending a recent rock-n-roll camp the retiree had the chance to play on stage with lead singer of The Who’s Roger Daltrey. More explains, “I almost dropped my guitar, it was so cool. For me, that moment is frozen in time.” He adds, “I know people who have gone to these camps 18 or 19 times. Sure, it's expensive, but you can't have this much fun anywhere else.”

And with a price tag of $4,999 Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp is not cheap. But many who have experienced the fantasy camps are willing to overlook the hefty price tag in exchange for the unforgettable memories. Other fantasy camps that draw a crowd are centered around baseball, tennis, basketball, poker, cooking, etc. The camps often feature guest appearances from famous musicians, athletes and chefs, allowing participants to have facetime with some of their biggest idols.

The cost for these camps ranges anywhere from a couple thousand dollars on up into the tens of thousands. But fantasy camp goers can still snag a deal with a little perseverance. Prices may drop due to competition and haggling a little may get you places. Financial planner Scott Hammel explains, “The best thing I've seen clients do is pay call to negotiate a price in advance. They typically find there are other options when paying, whether that be a discounted camp that doesn't provide all the bells and whistles, or a discount for paying far in advance.”

What do you think of the idea of attending a fantasy camp rather than a regular vacation?

Which type of fantasy camp would interest you?

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ajsterz by ajsterz | Lowell, MI
Sep 30, 2015

This just like if I was sending my kid to summer camp! It would be a cool option to opt for instead of going on a vacation. It lets you get away from home, life, and also yourself because you can step out of your comfort zone and try new things! I would want to go to an acting or cooking fantasy camp. At least if I went on to a cooking camp, I could come back with some practical knowledge.