Fantastik OxyPower Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Fantastik OxyPower Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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I do like this product. Works well, cost is fair.

Really like tjis, especially with the oxi cleaner in it. Works fast. I usually spray everything down first then go back and start cleaning it up so it has time to really soak in and release the mess.

This is one of the only products my mother-in-law will use in the kitchen. It cuts right through just about everything. The only problem is that you have to be careful what you clean with it since it is also strong enough to ruin some finishes. My MIL got a little over-zealous and destroyed the outside of my husband's grill that way! Yikes. Read the directions to find out what you can clean with it and what you can't.

This works very well. I like that it can be used on just about anything, including carpet and it smells great!

I think this product is wonderful, but it's hard to find. But this product is absolutely FANTASTIC!!

I have 2 very young girls and messes seem to follow them. I use this to clean up any spilled drink mess. It takes the stickiness away very easily. I also use it to wash out my cats litter box. I think the OxyPower stuff in it gets rid of any odor. This is one of my favorite everyday cleaners. I've been using it for a few years now.

I've used this product after cooking fish on the stove or homemade french fries and the it gets the grease right up. I haven't ventured out to anything else yet. I'm still old fashioned when it comes to lemon oil and so forth. After reading some of these other reviews, I'm going to try it more. Thanks.

I am a big fan of this product on all surfaces. I am now going to try it on my carpets, Thanks for the suggestion jodykeller27

I highly recommend this Multi-cleaning product it works great on stains especially if you have small children who tend to spill things on the carpet. Works great on clothing also