Fancy Feast Appetizers For Cats

Fancy Feast Appetizers For Cats

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Most of my fosters and cats tend to like these, but they are pricey given how small they are.

I have a Persian cat and he ate one of this and got sick from it. He threw it up and had diarrhea. It may have been him, but I will never purchase this for my cat again. It's pricier too. Not good.

My cat loves these, especially the one with shrimp in it. I only gave this three stars because my vet said these are really not nutrition for cats and are hard in their kidneys

One cat liked it but other 2 walked away.

Both my cats are very picky and the appetizers are one of the few things that they both will eat. They would love to have them daily but due to the price they are only treated to these once every two weeks. With two cats the price would just be too high.

They are expensive, but my cat LOVES them. So I buy them occasionally as a special treat!

My cat loves these! We use them as a treat to supplement dry food. She is a big fan of the gravy and eats every bit!

My kitty loves these as a treat! I don't use it as a meal, but as a late night snack for her about three times a week.

My cats LOVE all of the varieties of Fancy Feast appetizers. Only reason I give it 4 stars is because of the price for such a small amount of food.

My finicky cat LOVES this! A bit too expensive to feed 2X daily, so we use this as a special treat!

My cat absolutely loved the food, but do to the price this food is more of a rare treat. If you can afford it get it, but if your on a budget I would recommend something a little less pricey.

My Cat, Attila, absolutely loved this food. However, I find the price is a bit much for it. So, while she loves it, I probably won't be buying this. Considering I have a picky cat, I was pretty happy to find out that she'd try this. However again, the price.

For some odd reason my cat did not seem to like the food. The price for one container of food is way to much for the amount of food that comes in it. I would not recommend it to anyone.

My cat loves this but it just to expensive for ounces you get. As to the question,Would you recommend this to a friend, the answer is if they are not on a budget.

My cats love the appetizers also. Esp the beef and chicken combo. I serve it as a treat bc the cost is a bit much if you have more than one cat!!