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  • Jmigli By  Jmigli    


    Wonderful, especially for Families. This magazine is adorable. All season ideas and I love the recipes the kids send in. :)

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  • ItsJustMyLifeCA By  ItsJustMyLifeCA    

    Great for Families

    I used to really enjoy this magazine when my children were younger. It had so much helpful information and many ideas.

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  • Sebrina By  Sebrina    

    I got this magazine and was surprised by how much I liked it. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has kids, or babysit's kids.

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  • roxygurl By  roxygurl    

    I don't have kids but I am a nanny so this magazine comes in very handy for crafts, games, and cooking/baking. I was able to get a free subscription and am very grateful for it. I would recommend it for anyone that knows a child ages 1-10

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas    

    Not that great of a magazine. I do like the craft projects in it, but it's overall .... just okay...

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  • agreed01 By  agreed01    

    great magazine to do crafts with kids.

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  • AugustRye By  AugustRye    

    A lot of great craft ideas and tips and recipes. My daughter loves to look at it and would to want to make something in the magazine

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  • Sanaar By  Sanaar    

    I get a lot of ideas

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  • Ourjobasparents By  Ourjobasparents    

    I love this magazine. I have been reading this magazine for the past 3 years. I am currently subscribed for another 5 more years!!! They have tons of arts and crafts that are easy to do with the children, as well as recipes that the kids would enjoy. The advertisements are just as good as the articles!! Well worth the subscription!

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  • pamallen68 By  pamallen68    

    I love this magazine. It is the only one I get sent to the house now. My kids and I both look foward to it- we love the cooking and making crafts.

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  • karenangustia1 By  karenangustia1    

    One of my favorite magazines it has great recipes, decoration tips and also some coupons...mommies love this stuff..would recommend to all moms

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  • jvalbooks By  jvalbooks    

    Love this magazine! It has so many great crafts, travel ideas, reviews, articles, and more! One of my favorites!!!!

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  • kathyhayes By  kathyhayes    

    I bought this for my daughter one year and she and the kids wait for it in the mail. It's a treat when it comes.

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  • Aroura By  Aroura    

    This is such a great magazine for families, however also great for teachers as it has some fabulous ideas and articles.

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  • hachi1 By  hachi1    

    This is one of my all-time favorite magazines to look at as a parent of two kiddos. It offers great travel tips and ideas, such as unique places to visit. Also, great craft ideas for summer days, and overall terrific content!

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