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  • Romariel By  Romariel    

    Smells good

    I enjoy mopping my wooden floor with Fabuloso since it leaves a good scent.

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  • edgsnena By  edgsnena    

    Fabuloso not a disinfectant

    Fabuloso is a great cleaner and not overwhelming if diluted properly. Fabuloso is a cleaner only, not a disinfectant and yes I checked. Checked the FAQs on the product site and CDC. Fabuloso Complete has hydrogen peroxide and disinfectants but not regular Fabuloso. Should always clean and then disinfect anyway.

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  • Hlowrance2018 By  Hlowrance2018    

    We use fabuloso in our home to clean our stove, fridge floors and counters as well as the tub. It also has a great scent

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    This comes in a super CONCENTRATE😬

    If Im not mistaken the gallon size you get 85 gal. of cleaning solution if you're following directions. Ive only seen the concentrate. Is it available in another form? I'd urge folks to read instructions before using ANY cleaning agent.Common sense?. If more than one is available, Suggest:pay attention to which you're buying. My dad uses it. He DOES NOT DILUTE IT AS DIRECTED. I can't stand it! It makes me nauseous. I immediately open doors and windows, turn on ceiling fans, with urgency taken if smoke filled a room from fire or a carbon monoxide alert! TO BE CLEAR, I'm NOT saying Fabuloso should be viewed as toxic. I can't speak to that. I have no idea, not having researched it to a degree that warrants judgement of that nature. I am looking into it (which is how I found this site), as a result of my father who blatantly disregards the instructions- on a daily basis! I be taken my little one to the ER more than once for asthma attack after a pellet stove lighting went wrong (good one mom) or sage burned as incense /a cleansing ect. So far we havent gone from his use of fabuloso, but I want to be sure that it's not doing silent damage to any of us. At very least, the smell is beyond overpowering and FEELS as if it's toxic FOR ME., Whether it is or not, it remains extremely unpleasant FOR ME when used incorrectly. I was compelled to post here, after seeing several posts with statements like, "you may dilute if you PREFER" , and even a suggestion that doing so will have weakened its cleaning ability. Perhaps, they are referring to diluting it FURTHER from the 1-cap per gallon instructions or are they referring to diluting, versus not at all?Thanks!

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    It'll get the job done

    It's beyond over-scented, which creates major problems for asthmatics or others with breathing/lung conditions. Diluting can help with the scent, however it greatly diminishes the effectiveness. If you only have a buck and need something, it will work. If you want something that doesn't smell like pine, this is what you're looking for. However, please don't use this to clean your business! I had a severe asthma attack in more than once place that used this and absolutely cannot return because non-asthmatics don't understand the danger this stuff poses.

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  • reviewpro423 By  reviewpro423    

    Best All-Purpose Cleaner

    We use Fabuloso in our cleaning business and it?s the best all purpose cleaner I?ve found (and I?ve tried ALL of them). We dilute a small amount into a spray bottle filled with water and use it on everything including bathroom surfaces to clean. We?ve tested it on glass and it works with out leaving any streaks. We dilute a quarter cup of Fabuloso into a gallon of hot water for mopping floors too. If you want it to kill germs just add some rubbing alcohol to the mixture (make sure to use cold water when diluting with the rubbing alcohol). Adding the rubbing alcohol also cuts the drying time down by a lot. Overall fantastic, and affordable product that I, and my clients love!

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  • Ilookeditup By  Ilookeditup    

    I called Colgate Palmolive and Fabuloso is NOT a disinfectant. Smells good and cleans well but it won't kill germs.

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  • Kbud75 By  Kbud75    

    Love it

    I use Fabuloso all the time for cleaning. It makes my house smell so good and fresh.

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  • ShahajD By  ShahajD    

    I like fabuloso smell

    I used this product in my house for a good Smell just that

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  • Brittany_S By  Brittany_S    

    Incorrect information

    Why all the hate on Fabuloso? Also, before leaving a review people need to make sure their information is correct. Fabuloso IS a disinfectant. It has a wide range of uses from laundry, to mopping, to sanitizing. I even have a spray nozzle attached to a small bottle of mine for quick clean ups. If the smell is too strong you can dilute it with water. Plus at an average of $1 for a small bottle, it's pretty inexpensive. It comes in many different scents to customise for your home or season. While I understand it may not be what some people need, Fabuloso is a keeper for me.

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    Don't waste your monies

    I'd give half a star if possible - this stuff is ridiculous - NO IDEA HOW it's still on the market

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  • darlingfirst By  darlingfirst    

    Fabuloso!!! Home Staple!

    This product is a staple in my home...way before it was available in the US. Fabuloso is a brand that can be used everywhere...even where you least expect it. If you have a husband that has a labor intensive job, chances are his clothes get stinky. Add half a cup of Fabuloso to your laundry and it's anti-bacterial properties will not only help cut stains but also deodorize bad odors. On floors it's all about ratios...if you're using too little it will obviously not work great at eliminating bacteria. With so many scents...this is a product that freshens the home, protects and defends against bacteria, and has more than just one purpose! I love the the Bamboo and Orange Blossom Scent (not sure if available in the USA yet) and the Orange scented one...!!!

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  • homesteadmomma By  homesteadmomma    

    Thin cleaner but it can work....

    I use this when I do not have the money to buy my other products that I like to use. I have to use a bit more to get a good clean. I do like the smell of the cleaner. I like that it can be used for more than just one cleaner. It is a bit cheaper to buy. I wish it would be more concentrated or something so it would work just as good as others.

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  • willow3399 By  willow3399    

    It works okay, but the smell triggers my asthma. Not something I would recommend if are sensitive to fragrances.

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  • katitiak By  katitiak    

    I use this item to clean my floors and I love the smell. I can only use a little and it cleans a lot of floor

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