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FTC’s Endorsement & Testimonial Guidelines: A Friendly Reminder

Welcome to P&G’s Future Friendly program!

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We’d like to remind you of a few important housekeeping items to ensure compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s recently updated Endorsement & Testimonial Guidelines. These provide a basis for disclosure of relationships between advertisers and endorsers. What do these guidelines mean to you? As a blogger, they simply ask you to be transparent and accurate when blogging about products or services. For example, should you choose to blog or Tweet about products, samples, coupons, or other incentives you receive from P&G Future Friendly, the FTC Guidelines request that you:

  1. Clearly and conspicuously disclose within each of your posts or Tweets that you received product, coupons, gift cards, or other informative materials from P&G and/or one or more of our brands. This can be as simple as stating, "P&G [or brand name] gave me this product sample." You should place this disclosure within your post or Tweet itself -- not in a bio section or in a separate badge that the consumer must click to open or link to separately.
  2. If you Tweet, you’re asked to follow your statement with a disclosure hashtag, such as #paid ad, #paid or #ad, to indicate that you received something of value from the advertiser. Or you can include a disclosure in the Tweet ("Brand X gave me a free sample.") and then link to your separate blog posting for more details.
  3. If you choose to talk about P&G and our products, we invite you to speak from your honest, personal experience. (We hope you love our brands and will let everyone know!
  4. If you discuss specific product claims or benefits, please refer to our resources to ensure that you make only claims consistent with our materials.

Thank you for helping us to address the FTC Guidelines and providing readers with appropriate levels of transparency and accuracy. We value your role as a blogger, and we hope you’ll have lots of great things to share from the Future Friendly/SheSpeaks partnership and beyond.



Your P&G Team