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About Future Friendly

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Future Friendly is a program that empowers consumers to save energy, save water and reduce waste, using science, innovation and unique partnerships to help achieve meaningful environmental impacts. The Future Friendly program is a direct extension of P&G’s long-term commitment and disciplined, science-based approach to environmental innovation. Through the program, P&G is better able to share these solutions with consumers so they can realize the same benefits in their own homes. By taking small steps together with its consumers, P&G believes it can help create big benefits for the planet and ultimately improve lives every day, now and for generations to come.

Please download P&G’s Case for Consumer Conservation for information on how conservation education can help mainstream consumers save energy, waste and water.

Future Friendly Printable-Resources** to help your bloggers track their challenge progress:

  • Tracking Tools - A great way to see who in the family is completing the most Future Friendly initiatives. Put a ticket in a jar each time you do something Future Friendly. You could also use pennies or bottle caps. Try making it a contest and upon completion of a Future Friendly task, give out a ticket and whoever has the most wins a prize.
  • Kids Coloring Chart - Get your children involved by letting them color in a symbol whenever they help complete a Future Friendly task. When they’re done coloring in the entire page, reward them for being so Future Friendly!
  • Challenge Video/Photo Signs - Use the signs whenever you’re shooting a video or snapping a picture showing you do something Future Friendly. Get creative and don?t be afraid to get others involved! Upload your video to www.videos/shespeaks com/publish and your photos to

**Please use recycled or scrap paper to print these.

We’d like to remind you of a few important housekeeping items to ensure compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s recently updated Endorsement and Testimonial Guidelines:A Friendly Reminder.

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About Disclosures

Our SheSpeaks’ programs are built on the SheSpeaks Promise, and it’s important to us that blog readers know that the product you’re posting about was provided by P&G Future Friendly. We believe that it is in the best interest of our clients, our members, and your blog readers that everyone know the source of the product.

  1. Anytime (and every time) your references her your of the receiving the Future Friendly kit with Cascade Action Pacs, you must clearly disclose the you received these from P&G.
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