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  • alleviara By  alleviara    

    Invest in a better eyeliner

    Goes on sheer and feels very greasy. Would not recommend.

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  • Kayla2016 By  Kayla2016    

    Love cream eyeliner

    I rather the cream eye liner over liquid after I tried it and was able to apply it better than liquid. The only issue I have is the brush gets hard after u use it due to eyeliner on it.

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  • avillafuerte By  avillafuerte    

    For the price - it's great!

    Although this eyeliner is fairly cheap - it's a really good product. Black, goes on very smoothly and lasts. However, if you have oily lids you may want to steer clear.

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  • mistydawn707 By  mistydawn707    

    Good for the price

    I have to say the packaging for this eyeliner is deceiving in the way that it feels more high end but it's really cheap! The eyeliner is OK I was not wowed by it but it got the job done. The brush was OK but wore out really quickly but, hey just buy a new one since they're so cheap! Itso not a product I would reach for everyday but, I would definitely recommend to someone looking for a good liner.

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  • Amyz17 By  Amyz17    

    Love this eyeliner! It lasts and is super easy to apply!

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  • mtidey By  mtidey    

    My favorite cream eyeliner. It lasts all day and feels amazing. The price is affordable as well.

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  • ruffk1 By  ruffk1    

    This is a great alternative to more expensive brands. I bring this,one with me whenever I travel or in my purse. Works great and the price can't be beat.

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  • ahhintze By  ahhintze    

    Love this eyeliner! So smooth and lasts all day with a rich black color. I use it with an angled eye line brush Does seem to dry out quicker than others, but I add a little water to the brush and it helps it last longer. Love the price too! $3

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  • dawnabelair29 By  dawnabelair29    


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  • gabymarie By  gabymarie    

    I love this product it's better than some of the pricier one's it lasts a long time but dries out quickly!

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    I love the black so much its the best ive tried

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  • kyraowen67 By  kyraowen67    

    I like this liner and I buy it frequently. However, beware, it dries out quickly. It's cheap though and works great so I say it's worth buying!

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  • eve530 By  eve530    

    This is my go-to cream eyeliner! It goes on very smooth and the product lasts forever. They have lots of different colors to choose from; since it's very cheap you can get multiple colors to play around with!

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  • crystalhale By  crystalhale    

    price is up there but it works !

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  • hapiwmn By  hapiwmn    

    All of the ELF products are great value for the money. I have loved the new products they keep coming out with and for the price I can experiment with all!

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