Experts Say Selena Gomez's Lupus Diagnosis Won't Harm Her Career

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 08, 2015

Fans of the young actress Selena Gomez were stunned when she recently announced she is suffering from a disease known as lupus. The 23 year old recently opened up about her condition and explained how she has been undergoing chemotherapy to treat lupus. Though fans were stunned, experts agree that as long as Gomez stays on top of her illness there is no reason that her career will have to suffer.

USA Today recently sat down with Gary Gilkeson, chair of the Lupus Foundation of America’s medical scientific advisory council to discss how Lupus will affect Gomez going forward and what toll it will have on her day to day life. Gilkerson makes clear that he believes, “Her career is not over by any stretch of the imagination.”

But even though Gomez’s career will most likely go on, lupus can be a very serious and debilitating condition for those who have been diagnosed. A host of symptoms like swelling of the hands, severe fatigue, fevers and headaches are just a few obstacles that can be in her way. Gilkeson explains even more serious complications from the disease saying, “With lupus,the immune system can attack any organ of the body, including the kidneys and brain, although skin and joints are often most affected, he said. Like many autoimmune diseases, it's more common in women.” Heart attacks and strokes can also occur in young women with lupus.

Fortunately, with proper treatment lupus can often be kept under control and allow the patient to lead a normal life and career. Gilkeson applauds Gomez’s decision to go public with her diagnosis explaining how it will only lead to better understanding and research about the disease. He says, “It's brave any time that anyone comes out and acknowledges they have a disease. It helps tremendously with helping people become aware of the disease and in terms of making them want to know more about it. That knowledge then allows them to support different research foundations.”

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