Excedrin Migraine

Excedrin Migraine

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Migraine Remedy Works every time without fail. Whether it's a bad headache or a full-on migraine, it does the job and kicks in in an hour or less. Working as a first responder, Excedrin has relieved pain time and time again, allowing me to keep working instead of having to go home during a shift.

Headache - GONE When I have a headache that nothing else touches, Excedrin Migraine does the trick!

This medicine save my life! I suffer from migraines and they are horrible! I love Excedrin its starts working quick and it last all day. I recommend this product to my family and friends.

works! I get a variety of different types of headaches. These work great for many of them. I sometimes take an additional generic "Benadryl" along with it to help if it is allergy related. NOT AN INDORSEMENT OR SUGGESTION AS I AM NOT A DR. I take them for migraines, sinus, tension and even if my arthritis is bothering me.

Good product for migraines I ran out of my Nurtec & I had a family member go to a local store to purchase this product. For an over the counter product it worked well.

Headache stopper I get migraines alot. Having excedrin has helped relieve my headaches fast and keeps them gone.

An absolute go to whenever i get migraines Excedrin Migraine is like a miracle in a bottle. It significantly decreases the time I have the visual aura and almost completely eliminates the migraine hangover. So instead of having my entire day ruined, I'm usually over it in 20 minutes. I was skeptical after reading all the great reviews but am a believer now. no more migraines ruining my day

Fastest acting medicine I've taken to fix true migraines! My go to!

Excedrin Migraine always works Excedrin Migraine is a staple in my medicine cabinet. It always works at the onset of a splitting headache, and it's something I can rely on.

I keep these on hand not really for me but for my son who suffers migraines sometimes and they work amazingly well for him enough so he is able to take them and normally the migraine disappears. I'm happy Excedrin has made these they work really well.

My go-to migraine medicine I've struggled with migraines my whole life and this is my go to medicine. If I take this at the first sign of a migraine it definitely keeps it away. It does make me a bit jittery due to the caffeine, but I'll take that over a migraine any day!

About as useful as a tic-tac As a chronic migrainer I have tried so many OTC meds. Excedrin migraine does absolutely nothing for me I might as well be taking a tic-tac.

Extra Strength Works Better Excedrine is my favorite over the counter pain killer. The migraine definitely works but I do prefer the Extra Strength Excedrine in the green bottle because it seems to work faster and longer.

Doesn't work for me I suffer from bad migraines and have tried this and it does not work for me. I need prescription strength medicines. For migraines that maybe aren't that bad it might work.

Cuts down the migraine time I suffer from migraines and this is my holy grail. I usually have a migraine for hours but if I take this when I am feeling one start then it definitely shortens that time. The only downside is that it is hard to switch to another product. I left my bottle at home when I went on vacation and could not find these in the store. Nothing else worked. That is both a pro and a con.