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  • carolc By  carolc    

    i have this and my sons been using this since he was 3 hes 5 now i love it omg this is a must have for any kind of loaf bread very easy to use a fun have gadget that takes time off of the mom or dad and kids can get involved

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  • Nehamamama By  Nehamamama    

    The Wonder Sandwich Seal'R'N' Decruster is must-have kitchen utensil for anyone who packs a lunch box for kids - especially picky kids who do not eat the crust portion of sandwiches. This decruster removes crusts and leaves a sandwich with edges sealed all around. Easy to use, you simply make a sandwich (peanut butter and jelly work best) and place the two-piece gadget on top of the prepared sandwich. Push down and twist, viola! A perfectly decrusted and sealed sandwich.

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