Evo-X Brainergy Advanced Cognitive Support Supplements

Evo-X Brainergy Advanced Cognitive Support Supplements

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Brainergy is a nootropic (a drug intended to improve brain functions) supplement designed to increase energy, concentration and focus and lift your mood. It contains 5 different B vitamins plus 10 nootropic ingredients and, at over 1400 mg. of active herbal ingredients (more than twice the amount found in Focus Factor), boasts the finest proprietory list of ingredients in it's class of drugs. The first time I tried Brainergy, I only took 1 capsule (the directions call for two capsules every 6 hours). I didn't feel any different almost 3 hours later. So, 6 hours later, now at work, I took 2 capsules with my lunch because I know B vitamins work best when taken with food. 5 hours later, I realized my workday was almost over, I had gotten all my work done and I wasn't 'lagging' like usual. I was sharp, focused and felt good. There was no crash like I used to get from my prescription or from energy drinks. I was even less hungry than usual!