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  • Kapries By  Kapries    

    Best way to feed your little one

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  • sdcrisco By  sdcrisco    

    Awesome high chair. Easy to clean and extremely handy.

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  • DaMintLady By  DaMintLady    

    I think this is a great high chair. Its easy to clean. The cushion isnt cloth so it wipes clean no problem. Its tabletop has a clear plastic tray that you can remove from the high chair and easily wash in the sink or dishwasher! The high chair is equiped w/ cup holders, for the baby or the parents. Also in the back there is a compartment to easily store babys little forks and spoons, and 2 places to hang bibs from. Im so happy we picked this high chair. Includes cute matching safarri theme toys that can be used at meal time or whenever.

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