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  • hippiekrystal By  hippiekrystal    

    i love shark, they offer great products

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  • Mrskjl By  Mrskjl    

    I love my shark steam mop I've had it since Christmas 09 and wouldn't trade it for anything else

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  • collegemommy By  collegemommy    

    my boyfriend bought me this today and he bought me the shark pet hand help vac that charges cant think of the exact name but, i used the steamer to clean my grandmas entire house , it works wonders, my aunt just left her house who was a msoker and it took out all the ciggeratte smoke from her furniture!!! now she is going to go buy one! it takes dirt of the walls! love it!!! The vac works awesome to!!! lets see after a week tho!

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  • extexgirl By  extexgirl    

    Love my shark steam mop. Have lots of hardwood floors. Cleans very well. Would like more than 2 pads though and a longer cord.

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  • JEM4612 By  JEM4612    

    I love my Shark steam mop! I have been using it for 6-9mos and have had no issues at all. My husband used it the other day and said that if he realized how easy it was to use, he would have been helping more with the mopping. We have laminate floors on the entire lower level, so there is a lot of ground to cover. This is quicker than a regular mop, no down time waiting for the floor to dry, I don't have to worry about the floors coming clean (we were told no cleaning products should be used on laminate flooring, but with regular mop, plain water didn't really clean the floor well enough) and no nasty mop sitting in the closet. I would highly recommend it!

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  • CarolinaBlue By  CarolinaBlue    

    Thanks forn your reviews. I have heard good things about the way this cleaner gets wood and ceramic tiiles squeaky clean. I trust reviews here at Shespeaks over any paid infomercial actor. Now if I could just found a coupon for it. I would run out today and buy it.

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    Love it! Works great! Just with certain floor textures you have to put a lil force into it! But that comes with the job! LoL..

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  • Rmsmith By  Rmsmith    

    I purchased one of these at the local Lowes store for $24.99 and loved it. Thi s the stick mop not to be confused with the cannister (more expensive model). I have gotten this out and demonstrated it on my tile floors and hardwood floors. My grout is dark so previous posts referring to cleaning grout is not answered here. I like the idea of steam and sanitation. I have three pugs who are not careful around the water bowl and drag and drop from their bowl and chin constantly. What a great product. Everyone who does not currenlty own one in my family will be getting one this Christmas for sure.

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  • gigi1k By  gigi1k    

    it works well on old fashioned linolium....but it forever to clean the grout on tile....not as good as it looks!

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  • mkp09 By  mkp09    

    I received mine for Christmas in 2007 and haven't had any problems. I wish I had more pads, I have 2 and that works great to do my kitchen but then I can't do the bathrooms on the same day because they need to be washed. I've looked at buying more but they're kind of expensive so I can't get myself to but them! If the steam starts to wear down I just add more water. I do feel like I'm going to break it when I push but so far that hasn't happened.

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  • jul516 By  jul516    

    I find it a pretty cool product and have just recently acquired one. I like the fact that it does not leave a lot of moisture on the floor and it really does pick up the dirt.

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    The steam mop had a nice clean smell when in use the first few times. The mop is awkward to use, does not glide easily on the floor. It didn't take long and the amount of steam continued to get less with each use. You might think that would happen if you had hard water but we have a water softener and it still does not work properly. Thought it would be a quick clean up for our ceramic tile kitchen. It definitely is not worth the money---lasted on a few months.

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  • Unicyclemom By  Unicyclemom    

    It is a little bit of a hassle, but it definitely gets my wood floors so clean! Much better than pushing dirty water around the floor with a mop. I bought extra pads so I can do the whole house at one time. It's light enough to do the stairs.

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