Eucerin Intensive Repair very dry skin lotion

Eucerin Intensive Repair very dry skin lotion

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Great product Works great for repairing my dry skin, especially on my heels.

Great product It works great, I use this lotion for dry skin on my hands and body

Love this cream for winter time when skin get really dry. This is a really thick cream when applied you have to wait a bit so skin adsorbs it. I would only recommend if your skin is really really dry (perfect for feet, ankles and elbows).

I use this on my feet and it keeps them baby smooth all year long!

I have very dry skin and most lotions to me are too watery. This lotion is thick, gives your skin a nice glow and it lasts. I like greasy lotion, some people may not. If you don't like thick and greasy products this might not work for you.

Not what I expected, kinda greasy. I got this as a free sample and it left me feeling greasy and not refreshed. My hands felt dirty afterwards and I did not get the satisfying feeling of hydration I like to feel from lotion

Very hydrating and make my skin feeling very smooth and soft. Recommend using this in winter especially!

I have dry sensitive skin and when using this my skin gets irritated in places such as face, and arms. I now use it on my legs only and its a decent lotion.

I use this lotion for dry skin on my hands and other trouble areas, as well as to keep my tattooed area moisturized (during and after healing times). It works great, especially now that I wash my hands often at my new job and my hands dry out easily. I like that there is a scent free option.

I do not like the smell of this product cause it smells like medication. I understand that maybe people with very sensitive skin have to use a product like Eucerin- but I still prefer Neutrogena over Eucerin. The lotion penetrates the skin deeply and dries quickly which is really nice. I do think this lotion really can improve your skin if you tend to have super dry skin.

Eucerin intensive repair is very hydrating for your skin, but it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and that is what I love about it.

I bough Studio 35 Intensive Skin Repair Lotion at Walgreens - for half the price. The ingredient list is identical to this Eucerin lotion. Be sure to check it out! Great duplicate!

After receiving a sample and a coupon in the mail I went out and bought the full size product. I really like it because it hydrates my extremely dry skin. Highly recommend this product if you are concerned with dry skin.

Excellent product for very dry skin. It is not oily or sticky and really gets the job done. Now my skin is actually smooth!

This isn't your everyday hand lotion. This is specifically for extremely dry skin. No matter how rough and dry your hands are feeling this lotion will leave them soft and smooth. Works GREAT on my feet to keep them soft and supple. I love to use it right before bed to wake up with soft, hydrated skin.