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  • pontiacgirl By  pontiacgirl    

    Eucerin Lotion

    I just recently tried this lotion. It is so thick and creamy. I love it. It goes on smooth and not greasy.

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  • KathyW24 By  KathyW24    

    Good Choice

    Soothing and healing moisturizer for aging skin. I have bought this brand many times. There is frequently a coupon in the paper on Sundays for this brand and it is worth the regular price . Better results with Eu Erin than more expensive brands.

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  • englishprof By  englishprof    

    Great for Desert Skin

    I live in the desert Southwest, so my skin feels like sandpaper during the winter/spring months. And my hands are the worst!! I try lots of hand creams, but I have to say this is one of the best. (My fav is Aveda's Hand Relief, but I don't always want to spend that much.) What's great about this hand cream is it absorbs quickly (yay!!) while it also really moisturizes and makes a different. I highly recommend this easy-to-find and reasonably-priced Eucerin hand cream!1

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  • young_lady29 By  young_lady29    


    Love this more than the lotion. Nice and rich. Saw an improvement pretty quickly

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  • tiramisu888 By  tiramisu888    

    I'm using this, while it's thick to apply and absorb it does seem to do the trick in preventing dryness in my skin.

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  • takgirl14 By  takgirl14    

    I have EXTREMELY dry hands during the Winter and many lotions don't work for me. I started using Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Hand Cream a couple weeks ago, and I can't believe how much my hands have improved. I just use it at night and wear gloves to bed and my hands stay soft and moisturized the whole day. The cream smells really good, too!

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