Estee Lauder Verite Light Lotion Cleanser

Estee Lauder Verite Light Lotion Cleanser

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Gentle Formula Received this item as a sample and had to run out and buy more. I use it as a makeup remover before I actually cleanse my face. It easily removes all of my makeup, including lipstick and eye makeup. I love thanks is so gentle and moisturizing....and it smells great too!

This cleanser has a smooth texture and is just great. It smells incredible as well and is a great gift for Estee Lauder enthusiasts. Personally, I don't think it is the BEST cleanser I've ever tried... a micellar water can work just as well for removing makeup and costs way less.

This is a great soft, yet cleansing wash that helps gently wash all my makeup off! Great for my sensitive skin!

All Estee Lauder products that I have used are wonderful! Although I have not tried this one, I have used their make-up, fragrances, and lotions

I about this product about months ago. i only used it once because i didnt feel my face mosturizes like i would of hoped for. so i gave it to my mom. i stick to my clinique products. but i do love there make up that u have. It has worked for my mom she loves it

I have Estee Lauder perfume and smells GREAT! I love it. I have not tried this product.

This is a very gentle cleanser. Most Estee products are so nice on my skin when I match skin type to product type. The Verite line doesn't get much advertizing, but good salespeople will recognize your need for it if they really look at your skin.

Love this fragrance I haven't used it in years! I just have not thought about it. Its not put out there like some other fragrances are.

Verite light lotion cleanser is wonderful. It is gentle, smooth, and fragrance free. Massage it on and then rinse or gently wipe it off! I love it with and without water! It is an important product to me, as I have severe allergies and still a bit of acne in my 40's. I have been using Verite light lotion cleanser for nearly 10 years now and am happy with it now as I first was.