Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier

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Hands free in comfort I have had 2 of these over my 5 children. I found this brand to be the most comfortable of carriers on my neck and shoulders. Both have washed well and held up over the years. I love the newborn insert also. Great for mom or dad, front or back carrying.

Life Saver Great gift and carrier looks well made. It's a necessity when you have a baby.

This carrier is a outstanding! I gave it as a a baby shower gift since it was on my Sister's wish list and all the Mom's just had to try it on. Everyone agreed it was by far the most comfortable carrier they had ever known!

Baby carriers are a life saver. Most babies love to be carried, if yours doesn't, that happens too. We have 4 boys and 3 of them loved to be carried. The Ergo is an excellent baby carrier.

Life saver Love this thing! We go on walks using it all the time. Sometimes even around the house when I need my hands free. I'm only 4?10? so I needed a smaller carrier that would fit me. It works great! And my son loves it!

My favorite carrier! Extremely convenient when you have more than one child and need to be hands free. I did not use this when baby was an infant, so I'm not familiar with the infant insert. I do plan on trying on other brands for a future baby due to my height. I'm 5'1" and I can't decide if it's because of my short height, or maybe the carrier is just long in general, but I would prefer it to be a little shorter. I need to try on similar carriers to decide for sure.

Must Have I love my ergo! I got it when I had 2 under 2. I would set my 1 year old in the top part of the cart and wear my baby. That was 6 years ago. Im on baby 4 and I use it on a daily basis. Yesterday I walked around the aquarium with my 5 month old in the Ergo. It has lasted through 3 babies and washes really easily. It is a good strong material so it doesn't fall apart. Truly love my Ergo carrier.

Way too hot I used an ergo only a few times before I got rid of it because it was too hot and hurt our backs. My boy would always come out with a heat rash even if it was just 30 minutes around a store with AC. Nobody could wear it for long even as an infant because carrying him in the ergo hurt our backs and shoulders even with it positioned correctly. The only positive I can remember is that it does hold baby correctly.

Best carrier! This carrier is super comfortable and can be positioned a few different ways which is awesome. My favorite thing about it is the napping hood. It has helped me so much when I needed to keep baby sleeping on the go!

life saver! So easy to wear with my baby and even toddler. It is a life saver as a mom of three boys. I wear this when im at home, walking around with my kids while pushing stroller and most especially if i do mini grocery with my three boys. i highly recommended this ergo baby carrier for moms out there!

Baby wearing must have I've seen a lot of reviews stating this was a regret purchase because of it not be able to support newborn infant weight. With most of the top of the line baby carriers such as this, an infant insert will be needed in your carrier to help support your infant and wear them safely. You can purchase these on various websites, just about anywhere that sells the Ergo carrier. This carrier is optimal for comfort and is most impressive because of how easy it is to get baby in and out. You can front our back carry depending on your babies weight as well. All in all, a great product and a good investment for just about any parent.

Not very padded It's ok in a pinch, but lacks adequate shoulder padding. I much prefer the Tula.

This is my brand! I went through so many different baby carrier/wearer products and this was the only one that was easy to take on and off and allow my child to be both outward and inward facing. Plus mine had pockets that fit my cell, debit cards, and keys in perfectly.. I mean who wants to lug a bunch of crap around plus a small baby, not me.

Quick and easy ups with baby We got our first Ergo in 2011 when we were expecting our first child. It was the tip of the iceberg for me getting into babywearing, so obviously at the beginning I was nervous about having everything just right. The Ergo is pretty much a no-frills carrier, in my opinion, and you really can't screw much up. It's super easy to use and fairly comfortable. I say fairly comfortable because since 2011, we have added many woven wraps and a mei tei to the mix and those are so much more secure feeling for me. I do have broad shoulders and I still feel sometimes as if the straps of the Ergo are too far apart and might slip off my shoulders. I've corrected and tightened the back and arm straps to help this, but it's just the overall I cannot fathom how narrow parents can wear this comfortably and confidently. It's a great carrier to leave in the trunk of your car for any unplanned stops or trips. It's great for quick up's with baby (like running errands) and is quickly adjusted so any member of the family can carry baby. I do appreciate that it washes up really well... I toss ours in the washer and line dry (although, I have tossed in the dryer before too).

A Carrier Above The Rest This was by far the best purchase I made before my son was born. I knew that being a busy mom with a 5 year old I was going to need a good carrier. I had seen many reviews and heard from many how great the Ergo carrier was for them. I decided to take the plunge and make this investment. I had to purchase the newborn insert separately, but I am so impressed with this carrier. I used it my son was only two weeks old in order to get simple household chores done. We also homestead, so I would put my son in the carrier and he would join me to feed animals and work in the garden. He is one now and I have used it occasionally when we go for a walk on a trail and the stroller is not a good option. I think this carrier should be on every moms list as it truly is worth every penny!!