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  • Anjela By  Anjela    

    Great body wash!Nice bang for your buck.Leaves skin smelling fresh and moist.

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  • Geminidrea77 By  Geminidrea77    

    Worth the purchase price

    I regularly use the Equate brand of products and find them to rival the national brands for a fraction of the price, this is no exception works great for my whole family

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  • GMulholland By  GMulholland    

    Terrific Body Wash

    I am a huge fan of Equates products because they offer a great value over popular name brands.The Equate Body wash works wonders and I feel it cleans and preforms better than the leading name brand. It is perfect even for my husband and daughter's sensitive skin. It doesn't leave a residue behind or require a large amount to get clean. I have found my new favorite body wash.

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  • trendjunki By  trendjunki    

    The price is right. I have used this on and off for years. My only complaint is I wish it was a liitle better scent.

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    i LOVE this body wash.. its a knock off of Dove's body wash. I hate to say it..but i think it works better and has the RIGHT amount of moisture. it seems like Dove over does it a bit and you leave the shower feeling "creamy" and slick.. just like the body wash

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  • TaylorTea By  TaylorTea    

    Absolutely love this body wash! Wonderful for winter when my skin gets all dried out. It's just as good as Dove but a couple of dollars less.

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  • debsmad By  debsmad    

    For the price, this stuff is surprisingly good. Store brands often tend to be frowned upon but if you give them a chance you'll often be surprised . . . and save a lot of money. This lathers great, rinses clean, and has left me feeling more moisturized than some pricier brands. Great product if you're on a budget, and even if you're not!

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  • nursejulz By  nursejulz    

    Works great! Walmart has amazing brands that are just the same as the name brands, no sense wasting money on the name brands if its exactly the same thing in a cheaper money saving version.

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  • sandy565 By  sandy565    

    I like this product! Smells great, very fresh scent, and a wonderful price! Can't beat it!!

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  • ashetec By  ashetec    

    I really like this product. I think it is high quality for being a store brand. I wish Walmart offered coupons for Equate brand products

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  • teddybear153012000 By  teddybear153012000    

    i love walmart

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    I love this body wash! The scent smells great! I believe it's called Island Spring. It's the Wal-Mart version of Dial's body wash. It's great for sensitive skin of all ages! I have tried many others and always go back to this one! It doesn't aggravate me or my children's skin. Doesn't leave a residue on your skin or dry you out. Love it!

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