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Enter the @FragranceNet Valentine's Day Giveaway #LoveSheSpeaks

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 02.12.14
Enter the @FragranceNet Valentine's Day Giveaway #LoveSheSpeaks
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Thank you for all the lovely comments. Congratulations to our winners: hslater351, bgsmama26 & Carebare128 !!!

'Tis the season of love! And what better way to celebrate than by winning one of these exclusive gift baskets created by our partners at, each is valued at over $150!   These baskets are filled with an assortment of must-have beauty products & a $50 gift card to be used on beauty site!

There are two different ways you can enter to win:

  • Tweet about the Giveaway:

Click here to Tweet:

“I just entered the Valentine's Day @FragranceNet giveaway with @SheSpeaksUp! Enter here: #LoveSheSpeaks"




  • Comment below about Love:

What's your favorite thing about love? Any and every kind of love counts! Just tell us by commenting below and you'll automatically be entered into the Giveaway! We can't wait to see what you have to say! 

In the meantime, we found this touching love story we want to share with you!  Take a look and be ready with the tissue box!   We wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!


*This giveaway is open to US residents over 18 years, and winners will be notified by Feb. 20th. 


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  • peacelovebre By peacelovebre

    Love is ENDLESS:)

  • pixistyx By pixistyx

    My favorite thing about love is that there is always someone there to support you in anything you do. It doesn't matter who it is that loves you, your family, your friends, your significant other. They love you and should be there to support you and listen to you and give you advice or just be there for you when you need them. I think that is what love is about, someone there to support and get your back when you need them to!

  • anetapl1 By anetapl1

    Having someone by your side and caring for each other.

  • Nanioid By Nanioid

    My favorite thing about love is when my 2 year old daughter hugs my leg tightly and proudly announces that I am her best friend.

  • Jenny391 By Jenny391

    How love continues through separation, miles apart, years without seeing each other. How it makes you physically ache for the person you love. Nothing can diminish love!

  • raqueta By raqueta

    I love how your partner makes this day all About you. How he goes above and beyond, the little tricks he pulls and we don't even know it. I love how they play like it's just another day and then surprised you with gifts and say how much he loves you. I could go on and on and on. My favorite time of year

  • davisjodie By davisjodie

    Not walking through life alone

  • christinlilly By christinlilly

    my fave thing is the more you give the more you get!!! I love watching my marriage and my relationship with my kiddos bloom as we learn to love more and more each day!

  • Jamaica11434 By Jamaica11434

    Love makes everyone happy.

  • TraceyS By TraceyS

    What do I love about love? I love the warm hugs, sweet kisses, thoughtful gestures, beautiful memories. Whether it's my husband or my children, my family or my friends, I love the feeling of support and strength we all give one another.

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