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Enter the Thanks Mom Giveaway

Enter the Thanks Mom Giveaway

Mothers really do know best!

Somehow they always come up with the right thing to say or do & their guidance lasts a lifetime. That’s why we’re rounding up all of their best advice in our Thanks Mom Giveaway – where you can tell us about your Mom & enter to win a $100 American Express Gift Card!

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren"

For most of us, it was Mom who urged us to “think before you speak” and explained that “actions speak louder than words” – but beyond the basics, we’d love to know a little bit more about what makes your Mom so special to you? Did you inherit some of her superhero qualities? Was there a time when her advice (either hilarious, practical or wise) made a lasting impact? 

 To enter, just comment below and you'll be eligible to win a $100 American Express Gift Card!


 Here is the exquisite "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, sung by Bette Midler.

 Happy Mother's Day to all of our SheSpeaks Moms!!


Baby of Mine


 *This giveaway is open through May 20th to US residents over 18 years of age

 Congratulations to our lucky winner, Tikkun!



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  • myothernanny By myothernanny

    Although my mom is no longer in the land of the living, there are 2 memorable bits of wisdom she shared with me that are very true... 1) You will fall in and out of love many times 2) There will come a time when you wish you could get in the bed at 9 o'clock! :)

  • i_speaks By i_speaks

    my mom raised my sister and i alone after my dad passed when i was ten. she is an old school tiger mom before tiger moms became all the rage. she instilled good old fashioned respect for your elders and even though she sometimes ruled with fear, i can now look back and respect the decisions she made and the values she instilled which has made my sister and i strong, independent women.

  • veronicajo By veronicajo

    Even though my Mom has been gone for 11 and a half years I still go to her grave every Mothers day. Her wisdom Friends come and go but family is for ever. Be kind to everyone.

  • satrntgr By satrntgr

    One of the great things that my Mom taught me was to not focus on being my son's friend, but stay focused on being his Mom. She said when all is done and he has moved out, then friendship can begin. Too many parents worry that by disciplining their kids, that they won't like them, etc. - we are put here as parents to lead and to teach...not to always make our kids happy. Thanks Mom!

  • AnnikaHensen By AnnikaHensen

    On my moms death bed, in 92, the night before she died she wanted to see what I'd look like blonde. Sometime told me to bleach it, and I did. I sat on her bed, she looked up at me and said she didn't like it and to stay true to who I am. She was right! I've never looked good blonde lol. Thanks mom. I love you!

  • AnAmericanHousewife By AnAmericanHousewife

    Well... she taught me how to fold socks when I was 4 years old and told me to wear tight underwear after having my daughter in order to get my stomach back in shape. Other than those two things? Don't think I got too much wisdom or advice! LOL.

  • crysrocke By crysrocke

    The most memorable thing that my mother emphasized was "Honor Your Mother & Your Father". No matter what type of parent you have, if the relationship is sour you can always love them from a distance.

  • Preggo_Mama By Preggo_Mama

    Growing up my mother always nurtured and supported me in all my choices, she always encouraged me to be an individual and be myself. I have learned that encouraging ones uniqueness is a special trait that I'm passing along to my kids. After all the years of love and support she give me, I was finally able to return it and be there for her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Fall. I supported her through all of her treatments until she was free and clear last month. I look forward to us leaning on each other for years to come.

  • kfraccio By kfraccio

    My mother is no longer here, but she offered lots of advice that I live by every day. Treat everyone with respect and always be proud of who you are.

  • Jennoooo By Jennoooo

    I got my mom's sense of humor!

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